Thursday, March 09, 2006

Naps are good today, but not the best. She woke up from her noon nap an hour early. Ugh. So now I'm trying to put her down for another one. I think she's asleep. I'd like to take a nap. Haven't done that for a while.
The Gem is done and so are the other pubs I'm working on. So that means I don't really have to work. Plus with going to the retreat this weekend and taking some pics I'll have some extra time put in there.
I'm so afraid of her going to a three nap routine. But hey if she needs it, she needs it. I can't compete with that. If she gets up early from naps and I have to be somewhere, we'll just have to make it work. But it is working and I'm glad for it. I just wish I would get better at the way I feel about it happening the way it does. And I am. It's just a process and it doesn't go as quickly as what I'd like. I get so frustrated, because I am realizing that there are so many ways to do things, because there are so many babies! And individuals. And part of parenting is just figuring out what they are needing and how they need it. Not one way is going to fit all babies.
Anyway. She's napping and so I think I might too.

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