Saturday, July 08, 2006

Doofus Mama

I was in the process of making sweet potatoes for my daughter and had it on the stove lightly boiling away (or so I thought). I was in the study doing some surfing when I *sniff sniff* what's that smell?? Bolt!!! IT'S THE SWEET POTATOES!!! Money is low as it is now and so I felt so bad that I might have ruined a perfectly good sweet potato that we could have used for food for her. But I was able to salvage most of the potatoes. Except for the portions that are indelibly adhered to the bottom of the pan, surrounded by black goo that I'm sure I'll leave on there way too long and forget to work on it and then at which point, working on it will be a work out and so I won't have to go to the gym for that day. My luck, I'll be working on it while the baby decides to do her screeching practice for the day. Ugh. Life aint so bad.
If there are any guys who read this blog, please skip this next part. It's a feminine care peg.
Have you ladies tried the Diva? I LOVE THIS THING!! It's the first day of my you know what and I am trying this menstrual cup. Yeah, it's a little pricey, but you basically have no need for any other menstrual care products for at least 10 years. Think of it, nothing in the trashcans, no smell. And if you put it in right, no leaking. It saves you money, saves you time. And it's actually cleaner to deal with than the other stuff. I really like it. I can't even tell I have my cycle. I think hubby has just about had it with all of my "hey honey, can I tell you about this???....." Poor thing.
Well I'm going to make sure I haven't burnt the remnants of my sweet potatoes, they weren't quite soft enough yet, so, yes, I put them back into another pot. I'll try not to do it again.
Have a quiet restful evening.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Atmosphere - Toby Mac

Artist: Tobymac
Album: Welcome To Diverse City
Title: Atmosphere

I know you keep a journal and every page is rippled
From the tears that you cry, ain't no meanin' to your scribble
Cause words can't describe what you've been feelin' inside
It's like thousand foot walls, and they're still on the rise
But look up to a beautiful sound
And see for yourself you're not that far down
And know this, I cannot love a little
My promise to you is unconditional

And I'll keep the light on, baby
Just keep the course, you can weather the storm
I'll keep the light on, baby
You've come this far, don't you ever lose heart, now

Just turn around and I'll be there
I'm moving into your atmosphere
Just turn around and I'll be there
I'm moving into your atmosphere

I know you're all alone in a crowd full of friends
I can see it in your eyes that your fadin' again
Checking out, moving into your hole
Where the light can't touch any part of your soul
But hold up and let the river rush in
You can turn around and start livin' again
Cause your life is a beautiful bloom
In the image of the one that created you

I'll be there

Said I'll be there, said I'll be there
Said I'll be there always, forever

This song really speaks to me because of where we are at right now. I can really understand the second verse. I've seen that hole, it looks inviting. It's so easy to go there again. But I've got to pray against it. I've got to realize it could happen again, but because I know it could, I can pray against it. Pray with me.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I thought I'd post before I leave to go home today. I'm at work. My one day in the office.

I am so very discouraged today. I think hubby is too. It seems like there are so many strikes against us in this search for a church. If there is a need for pastors, we sure don't see it!! No one seems to want us. The Pastoral Assessment Committee for the EC church was cancelled in August for lack of interest. So it looks like January, now. I am brought low. I am sad. It might be that third chocolate chip cookie I had at lunch. It might be that I haven't had any fruit today. It might be just hormones!

The Jerusalem Diet seems to be working. I've lost three pounds so far. And I've been on it about three weeks. It's going well.

Lord we are dry. We are discouraged. The life within us is gone. Revive us again. Show us that You are working. Please send us some light. We are so low right now.

Other than that, it's a nice day, couldn't ask for a better day.

Baby's schedule is all messed up. I'm trying to push her naps later. And she has been showing she could stay up later, but I don't want to mess with it. I don't want to get her too sleepy and then she'll not sleep at all. She's been getting up earlier and earlier. GRRRR. She does that from time to time. But at least she didn't get up at 4.30 screaming, like she does sometimes.

If anyone reads this, please pray for my husband and I. We are so very discouraged right now. I was so idyllic about finding a church, but it's not as rosy colored as I thought it would be. Part of me just wants to say, forget it!! Just forget it! No one cares, why should we?!

I think I just need some sunshine, sleep and veggies.

And prayer, I need lots of prayer.