Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

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It just so happens that 3 days after Rhys' birthday is my husbands birthday. I married a wonderful man and not a day goes by that I don't thank the Lord for his presence in my life. He is so good to me. I love him. And I'm glad to have had him for another year!
Happy birthday sweetie!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!

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A year ago today I was given my second blessing, my sweet boy Rhys. He has been a joy and a blessing. I thank God for him daily. Happy birthday Rhys!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Extended Breastfeeding

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There are so many good reasons to breastfeed beyond a year. I was reflecting on some of those and thinking about why I choose to breastfeed longer than one year. Here are a few:
  • It gives me a chance to rest. I am usually running around doing something or other all day. Breastfeeding gives me a chance to sit. I usually put my head back on this great chair I found at a yard sale last year and sleep.
  • Sometimes it's the only thing to get him to relax enough to rest.
  • The extra calories I get to eat! I don't know if it's the exercise or the breastfeeding but something helped me to shed those post baby pounds! There is a reason I'm fitting in 8's now.
  • I feel better knowing that he is nursing and getting a good well rounded food several times a day. I don't have to worry as much when I know he is nursing if he's getting everything he needs.
  • I like that in the days of MRSA, H1N1, super bugs and such that he is getting my immunities.
  • It gives me a chance to just hold and love my boy. I can gaze at him, rub his back. It's just him and me. I know he's my last and I am making the most of it.
  • It's the easiest thing to feed him at 3am.
  • It's the easiest thing to feed him on a plane, a hotel or just about anywhere.
  • I like that it reduces my chances of breast cancer.
I'm sure there is more, but I think that's a good list. I like breastfeeding. I thank God for thinking of it. He's so smart.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

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I have to apologize for going AWOl on you all for a while. Things got hairy trying to get ready for our vacation. Vacation was, um, ok. It was stressful, to be honest. No one likes to hear that, they like to hear that it was GOOD. Or restful. But it was not. It was nicer to come home. However, it was good to see my parents, it was good for my parents to see the kids and it was good to get away from the house. So it was good and it was sort of stinky. Nadia ended up getting really sick just after we arrived, so we spent 2 days kinda hunkered down getting her better. We did one day of sight seeing, the land of fire and ice, ie. Volcano and ice cave. It was neat. Do you know that the land around a volcano is higher in iron and the trees kinda take that up, so they are more prone to lightening strikes? It's true. We saw so many trees there with these huge gashes down the sides. God's creation is still amazing to me.
When we came back everyone came down with something, except for me, thank you Lord. Hey, someone had to help everyone else get better. Andrew had an ear infection (still has it) from the descent of the plane, Nadia got another stomach bug, and Rhys had a cold. I'm outlawing colds in babies. It's just not fair to them. Poor dears.
Then, something that's really hard to talk about and I don't even know how to talk about, happened again. It's something I've dealt with before, most people don't know about it and it will probably stay that way. But it cuts deep and new everytime it happens. I am hurt. And I'm struggling. I don't know what to do about it. I am in such a unique situation. And I feel alone. So very alone. I cannot just talk to anyone about this. It's a very sensitive subject.
I'm still struggling with the whole ppd thing. And I'm still very much struggling with Nadia. All of this came to a head this morning and I popped. I was bawling on Andrew's chest (I don't bawl, much less weep.) I'm considering searching out a counselor to help me deal with this. I have one close friend whom I can trust and she's coming to the end of her pregnancy. I can't put this on her. She has too much to deal with already. I am so broken. I've been learning anew how to call on the Lord. It's a shame that it took me this far to get me to do that. But He comforts and guides the moment we come back. He is good. Please pray for me. I thought once I was done with counseling in my teens I would never have to go back, but everything is piling up on me and I need some help sorting it all out. It's too much. I need a good friend, but I don't really have anyone I can deeply trust. These are all deep heart issues, I can't just go around spouting it all off. Plus it'd be too much for one person (unless I paid them.) Sigh. I don't know. Please pray for me. I need guidance in this area.
I welcome your advice too.