Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Down To The Wire Now...

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It's less than a week till we move. I think it's taking it's toll on me. I've been nauseous the past two weeks off and on. No, I'm not pregnant. I haven't even ovulated yet. I know these things, I keep very close tabs on them. It's stress. I know that.
Things are coming together. We have very little to pack now. I mean, yeah, we have things to pack, but most of it can be done within a day or two. You know, it's the last minute stuff.
Andrew heard from the church. We had told them that our move date originally was two weeks later, so they planned on that. But then we moved it up, because that's when most of our help could come. And so the church had already made plans for their pulpit supply pastor to have his last sunday on the 12. Well that would be our first sunday. So, Andrew won't be preaching, which will be nice. We will be able to just go to church and concentrate that week previous on settling in. Nice. His first official day will be August 14, board meeting. Which is in the evening and so he has basically one whole week to focus on settling in and two weeks until a sunday. I'm excited.
He's been going through his childhood this past weekend and selling it on ebay. YAY! He's made quite a sum. I'm glad for that. It will help with moving in that, less to move and more money with which to move.
Oh and our first sunday there is the sunday school picnic. It's at a parishioners house who has a pool. I pray I don't have my cycle. I pray I have less cellulite. I pray I can find my swimsuit. I bought a new one. It looks really nice.
Today was our last sunday at our church. It's bittersweet. Many didn't know it was our last sunday. I will miss them. The sermon was very apropos. It seems that God is wasting no time in using our last month of sundays to prep us or explain to us His meaning for the last year. It has been good.
Well I am going to go on hiatus for a bit as I don't know when we will be back on after we move. I don't suppose it will be long, but I will just ask for prayers and thank you for those prayers.
We pack the truck August 5 and move out August 6.
Hopefully the next update you get, I'll be in PA!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

We've Got a Date!

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It's with a moving truck! We finally got our date for moving nailed down. We are moving August 6. I know I know, it's soon, but the day we found out we were moving, July 9, I packed a box. And have been packing boxes ever since. Most of our stuff is packed. We've been humming right along and I'm actually quite pleased with our progress. So is hubby. Although, our house is small and our garage is eclectically organized (read: A MESS!). So we cannot store our boxes in there until we move. Soooooo we have boxes lined up, stacked up, stored up in the hallway, in our room, in the living room, basically any available space that is not occupied, or is not required for living at this point. It's cramped. But we don't care! We are leaving in...ACK! TWO WEEKS! breathe in breathe out.........

My last day at work is Tuesday, that is, if my trainee needs me to come in. He's catching on very quickly and I might not have to. Hubby's last day at work is Friday and then my father in law is coming out to help with carpentry type things. He will be helping to drive one of the vehicles to the church. What a blessing. And my bff will be coming the weekend before we go to help with Nadia and packing last minute things. We have such a list of things to do to the house before we put it up for sale. But God is good. We will get done what needs to be done. I am already impressed with how well we are moving and so I am not worrying about those things.

We are attending our former church tomorrow. We left with them knowing we were leaving, so we can go back to say final goodbyes. Then, Sunday evening, we are attending our church picnic. I love church picnics. Nadia should be a riot. Looking forward to it, it's a good way to chat with everyone before we go. It's interesting, because at last years picnic we had just gotten back from a regional approval meeting that went very wrong. Now were are going to say goodbye. It's good.

Well I had better go. I've got so many things to do and I do want to get some time to rest.

Oh, did I mention? I got to 169!!!! I have just 4lbs to go to get to my goal weight. That's right, just FOUR measly pounds. I'm ecstatic. I still haven't figured out what I am going to do to celebrate. 115lbs is a lot of weight to loose, I definitely need to celebrate. I'll let you know what I figure out. You think too. I welcome ideas.

Have a great evening!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Organized Chaos....Well Sort Of

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My house is in a state of disarray right now. Oh I'm sure it's not THAT bad, but there are boxes everywhere, some half full of JUNK and empty boxes and full boxes, just lying around. I have piles of stuff for freecycle and things to pitch. It seems that my daughter has noted these changes and is deciding that NOW would be a great time to lapse into the terrible twos. NO NO NO NO! (her and well, me too.) She wants to do everything herself, which makes me sloooow down. She wants something, then doesn't want it. She won't eat her meals, but cries for food as soon as she's put down. Ugh. I am very frustrated at this point and usually around 6:30 I can't wait for her to be in bed, but then after she goes to bed I feel so bad about how the day went. Oh, I'm getting better, I am learning the best approach is to be firm and stay with what I told her, but do it in a low, calm, hushed voice. Raising my voice only makes her worse.
Not only that, but I am trying to be cheerful and chipper for when my husband comes home. I want to be sure that home is a welcome place for him to be and come to at the end of the day. That is really hard when at around 5pm I am trying to get dinner on so that my husband can have a hot meal to eat, have a hungry, cranky, tired toddler who is clinging to me, asking to watch, needing help with something or just whining and try to have a wonderful welcome for my husband. What I'd like to have happen, this would be my ideal homecoming for hubby. Nadia is sitting on the floor, coloring, smiling brightly as her father walks through the door. My hair is neatly up swept in a cute bun and I am wearing just a touch of lipstick and makeup. Supper is just about done, which, by the way, has been wafting out the open window enticing my husband to come in. Then as he walks through the door, I meet him with a kiss, a cold glass of water and I proceed to take off his shoes for him. Meanwhile Nadia nicely says "papa!" runs over waiting for him to pick her up. That would be my ideal. Here is what really happens. Nadia is right at my feet, arms outstretched, whining, begging to watch or something. There is stuff (read: toys) strewn about all over the kitchen floor. The table is not made, I have not even lip balm on, let alone makeup. My hair is up swept alright, but with in a messy something-or-other with a wooden stick through it. Supper is no where near being done, but it does smell nice. Hubby walks through the door and Nadia launches herself towards him, throwing herself at him, hollering 'UP UP UP'. I greet hubby with an exasperated, audible sigh and a grimace. To which he says 'that bad?' He peels Nadia from his leg to sit and take off his shoes. Then, maybe then, I hand him cool tap water.
I suppose it's not all that bad. I mean it could be worse, I could be watching soaps or something and suppers in the freezer. I guess I'm not all that bad. But still I think things could be better and I want them to be. However, until we get settled again in a new house, it's going to be ruckus.
Which I don't know why I called this organized chaos. I am an organized person, but this whole process of packing, moving and getting gone is anything but organized. Chaotic? Yes. Very.
Well I'd better stop flabberjawin' and getting to packing.

Ol Dan Tucker was a fine ol man
Washed his face in a fryin pan
Combed his hair with a wagon wheel
Died with a toothache in his heel

Get outta the way for ol dan tucker
he's too late to get his supper...

Monday, July 09, 2007

If You're Happy And You Know It...

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Clap your hands, do a dance, shout for joy, bake a cake, go to dinner, kiss your hubby, squeeze your child, call some friends, quit your job, paint a room, put on a closet door, lay down some mulch, fix the house, pack the house, put the house up for sale, rent a moving truck, pack said moving truck, drive to another state, set up home in a new house, start pastoring a church......

And all of this because the northern church approved Andrew to be their new pastor!

We, of course, said yes and these are just some of the things we will be doing in the next month.

Pray for us.

I wish blogger had smilies, I will put a bouncey one right here. *bounce bounce bounce* Imagine tigger.......

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Wedding Date

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My very best girl friend got married yesterday. It was a beautiful day. And it was a joy to be able to share in it. Our day started at 5.30 at a hotel with toddler in tow. Hubby was the photographer, daughter was flower girl and I was matron of honor, gown seamstress, assistant to the photographer and anything else that was needed at the moment. The night before I had noticed that the dress was lacking an essential french tack at the very center back seam. She requested a wrist loop instead of bustling and the tack was needed to make the satin and lining lay right. I thought I had put it in. I guess I hadn't. Also when I took the dress out of the cleaners bag, it was horribly wrinkled. So I got a hold of a iron and steam/ironed the dress hanging. Anyway, early the morning of the wedding I was putting a french tack in the dress, only took like 5 minutes, but still, I wanted to be done with sewing before the day of the wedding. Oh well. I got myself ready and then assisted the bride with her underthings, the dress, hair and makeup. It was fun!!!

The wedding itself was just beautiful. Christ was honored and invited to the wedding and the marriage. I have no doubt that He will be center of their lives. The groom was dressed in his Navy Whites, looking hansome. They made a beautiful couple. Nadia did incredibly well with being the flower girl. I walked with her and she just threw those petals very well. I was impressed and very proud of her.
Hubby did well with the pictures, turning all professional, as he usually does. I will try to get a picture on here before too long.
Nadia went all day running around like a nut, without a nap. Got 1.5 meals and slept like a rock last night. But she didn't take much of a nap today, I can't understand it. But she did this too when she was younger. If she got less, much less sleep the night/day before she wouldn't sleep well the next day. Odd.
We all were running around and on our feet a lot. I got to even dance with my hubby! I don't get to do that very much. I enjoyed it.
I can't wait until she gets back, but I remember what it was like when I got married. I only wanted to be with Andrew, so I am going to be understanding. I remember. Whether that makes it right or not, I don't know.
The dress looked very nice. I got a lot of compliments on it. A lot of people thought it was professionally done. Really?! Well, now that's a compliment. The bride thought I should go into it as a side job. Geee! I don't know if I want to do another one again! It was an accomplishment, something to put in the books, but, well, we'll see. Those things are tough! Time consuming! It was hard getting anything else done. I'm backed up on sewing. Mostly I do sewing for family needs. Like, I promised my husband a vest for father's day. I am hoping to have that done before we move. It would be nice.
Speaking of moving, we find out next wednesday. If you think of us here are the dates we need prayer:
  • July 8 - Congregational Meeting of the church. We are guessing that the congregation is voicing their opinion of Andrew (and the family). This happens sunday morning
  • July 10 - The Council Meeting. This is ultimately the final deciding meeting. This body is who makes the vote, with the congregational voice in mind. This happens tuesday evening.
  • July 11 - We should get a call telling us either way of the council and church's decision. Please pray that they call us no matter what. We have heard of church's not calling if they don't want the pastor. That's rude. I am hoping that they call even if we are not the right one. Pray for us to be ready for whatever their decision is. Good or bad we want to be ready for it. We have put a lot of hope into this, as we have heard positively from the individuals in the congregation. We feel we have a good chance of getting this position. But they could still say no. However, I will be the first to tell you that our attempts to quell our hopefulness have failed. Our hopes are high. That doesn't mean they will be dashed, but it's always harder coming down from a higher height. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS.
Thanks for your prayers and your thoughts. I will let you know as soon as I know something.
I'm kinda getting anxious. What if they say no? What if they say yes? Eck!
Gotta go. Bed time for toddler.