Friday, May 23, 2008

Here Comes Cutie!!

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My daughter loves wearing any kind of dress. Nightgowns, towels, if it drapes, she loves it and begs to wear it. I made her a flannel nightgown, because I can't stand that polyester junk they make kids clothing out of now. And she loved it. But it's getting warmer, so I took the same pattern, shortened the sleeves, used a cotton fabric and there you go, a nightgown the girl loves. And she really does. You should've seen the smile spread across her face the first time I had it on her. I love sewing for people when they really like what I've done. It makes it all worth it.

I Can't Say I Never Win Anything

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Because I have won something! And not like a piece of candy or something. I've won something really pretty.
I won a pair of beautiful earrings from 2BellesandaBead!! I love them!! I have been wearing the same pair of earrings my wonderful hubby got me two years ago from a jewlery store that was going out of business. They are still my fave earrings, because my sweety got them for me (sorry Crystal, I'm sure you understand.) But I will definitely be wearing these new beauties on sunday! And the nice thing was, they are dainty, yet elegant. I like to wear that sort of stuff. They are those curved posts, so they don't smash into my head, oh I don't like that. Here is another pic.

You gotta check these ladies work out. They do a nice job. I will be checking them out more for gifts and such!

And the nice thing? It all comes smartly packaged. You can tell they cater to women! Presentation is everything. I was once told (when I was thinking about being a chef) that presentation was 70% of someone eating a dish. Taste was only 30%. Now I won't be eating these beautiful things, but I was already into them when I pulled out the little silver box with the purple bow on it. I love it!! Thank you Crystal and Karen!

22 Weeks

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I feel and look like I am getting so big. Bigger this time than what I was with Nadia. I know it's not fat, I have gained 16 lbs so far. I walk 5 days a week, weed in the garden and run around after a toddler. It's working. I am also really watching what I am eating.
Sometimes it can be hard, though, I am such a good cook. But I know I can take it all off later. I gained 60 with Nadia, lost about 25 right after she was born and then in the next year lost another 15 from nursing. So I figure even if I gain 40 with this one I'll have it all off by his first birthday. Maybe even sooner! I wasn't really watching what I was eating with her, not until she was a year and a half. I have to keep telling myself to not worry about it. A healthy baby is better than gaining the 'right' amount. However, it does help me to eat better, which is good for me and for the baby.
He is doing great, by the way. Very active. Which I love. I can't wait to meet this little guy. But I keep telling him he has to wait.

My Backyard

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We have a huge backyard and I am so grateful, because, that means we can have a huge garden!! Right now I only have (hah! I say 'I', when really it's Andrew) two plots tilled up. I am planning on three others. There is the main garden with the peas, carrots (which aren't showing up very well, I was used to carrots growing like nuts out in NW Ohio in that boggy soil) onions, spinach and lettuce. I will later plant cukes, cabbages, peppers, squash and zukes there too. Then there is the potato plot with my Yukon Golds in them right now and later, when they get shipped, I will plant my sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes, especially sweet potato fries!!! So good for you! Just remember, when any recipe for fries calls for oil, you can sub the cooking spray. All you really need is something to make the seasoning stick. Here is a 'sweet' recipe for you to try.

Then, when it gets warm enough, I will (there's that I again, when really it's Andrew) will till up two more plots. One for the hoard of tomatoes we will be putting in. We've got Julienne tomatoes (which are these cute mini romas, perfect for snacking on, salads, salsas, or canning), Delicious tomatoes, which are an heirloom variety (word about that, if you plant heirloom or non hybrid tomatoes, let a couple go in your patch and they will plant themselves for the next year, reducing your $$ output and your work). These Delicious are supposed to get at least a pound each, really meaty, great for sandwiches and canning. Then the one tomato company I got my seeds from sent me a hybrid packet for free. I thought, hey, why not? They are called Big Tree, or something like that. They get about 1-2 lbs, pink, meaty tomato, good for canning or sandwiches. We'll see. They have done surprisingly well starting up. The other plot will be for the corn and cantaloupes. You can plant the two together. The loupes grow on the ground, with the vines intertwining the stalks and sheltered from the hot hot sun.

I also am planning an herb garden. I have cilantro, dill and parsley already up. Down the basement I have thyme, lavender, oregano and rosemary (which is not doing well at all). I'll plant basil and chives soon.

So that is my backyard, well really my garden. I love it. And baby is going to stay in here long enough that I can put up most of it. If not, I know of some sweet church ladies that would love to help.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


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Because I don't feel like writing anything coherant, because you are sick of seeing a pregnant woman and because my family is so cute!

I fed them turkey for supper, that's why Andrew looks so drugged.

My Amish husband. Doesn't he with that beard though? I love his beard!

My beautiful girl...

I am blessed.

Don't ya just love that you can see right up her nose?

This one was taken a little while ago. Of a sunday morning before church. Don't let her fool you, she's not as angelic as she looks.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Paths of Faith

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Voice Of Truth
Casting Crowns

Oh,what I would do to have
the kind of faith it takes
To climb out of this boat I'm in
Onto the crashing waves
To step out of my comfort zone
Into the realm of the unknown
Where Jesus is,
And he's holding out his hand

But the waves are calling out my name
and they laugh at me
Reminding me of all the times
I've tried before and failed
The waves they keep on telling me
time and time again
"Boy, you'll never win,
you'll never win."

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
the voice of truth says "do not be afraid!"
and the voice of truth says "this is for my glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

Oh, what I would do
to have the kind of strength it takes
To stand before a giant
with just a sling and a stone
Surrounded by the sound
of a thousand warriors
shaking in their armor
Wishing they'd have had the strength to stand

But the giant's calling out
my name and he laughs at me
Reminding me of all the times
I've tried before and failed
The giant keeps on telling me
time and time again
"Boy you'll never win,
you'll never win."

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
the voice of truth says "do not be afraid!"
and the voice of truth says "this is for my glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

but the stone was just the right size
to put the giant on the ground
and the waves they don't seem so high
from on top of them looking down
i will soar with the wings of eagles
when i stop and listen to the sound of Jesus
singing over me

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
The voice of truth says do not be afraid
And the voice of truth says this is for my glory
Out of all the voices calling out to me (calling out to me)
I will choose to listen and believe (I will choose to listen and believe)
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

I will listen and believe
I will listen and believe the voice of truth
I will listen and believe
'Cause Jesus you are the voice of truth
And I will listen to you.. oh you are

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself also in the LORD,and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Jeremiah 6:16

Thus says the LORD:
“ Stand in the ways and see,
And ask for the old paths, where the good way is,
And walk in it;
Then you will find rest for your souls...."

I am looking down a road I have read about often. I am about to step upon it's path. I have walked a road parallel to this before, looking over at this other, unused path. Pray I take the right path. The way that the Lord would have me take. I am His and my life is for His glory.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

20 Weeks.....And It's A......

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Here I am at 20 weeks. I'm half way!! YAY!! I am loving this pregnancy and I'm feeling good now. I've gotten back into a really good exercise routine that works for me and I feel good doing it. Weight gain has been good, but not over board, yay!! I've been feeling baby move and kick and I love it. In fact, just last night, Andrew felt the baby move for the first time. And not just once, several times!! It was neat to see his excitement. I love this part of pregnancy, when hubby can enjoy the good parts too and not just the yucky parts. Check out my 16 week pic.

So I guess I should tell you, it is a boy!! And I couldn't be more excited!! We got ultrasound pics, but they aren't really good, so I'm going to wait until I have my next one, they couldn't get all the shots they needed, so I need to go in for another one, to put another pic up. You'll get to know the name once this little guy is born.

My mother in law and I went shopping at this huge consignment sale for baby's, kids and maternity clothes. This boy is outfitted until 6 months. I kid you not. And I'm glad for that. Everything is washed too. Now all we need to do is rearrange the basement so that my sewing stuff can go down there and Nadia's stuff can be moved into the sewing room and the baby's room can be in Nadia's room. Catch that? Only one thing, the windows in the sewing/Nadia's room and baby's room need to be replaced. The church is going to do that, but they are custom windows so that means more expensive. Pooh. But I know the church will do it if we ask them to. In fact there are several windows that need replaced, but those two rooms are the most important, if you ask me. I want to get pull down shades for both rooms, that's easier and nicer to put up and down. The quilted coverings I have now just kinda stay up and don't come down. Anyway. More later on non-preggo stuff. Like my garden!!

And for your viewing pleasure....

Friday, May 02, 2008

I Am What I Am....

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I am…..... a Mama, a wife, a Christian. A sister, a daughter, a lover.
I want..... a home birth.
I have......a hansome hubby, a beautiful daughter and a blessing in my belly.
I wish......I was the type of mother I want to be.
I hate.......that it's easier to have an abortion in PA than it is to have a home birth. What's wrong with that picture?
I dad.
I fear........ loosing Andrew, loosing this baby. Messing Nadia up.
I feel......... content.
I hear........the dishwasher running, my hubby and daughter talking to each other.
I smell.......nothing, which is surprising, I smell everything these days.
I cream.
I search.......for a CNM who will do home births.
I wonder.....why God blessed me with two children when I don't feel worthy enough to be a mother.
I words and actions.
I freedom to worship, my husband, my daughter, my baby, my home, my garden
I ache..........when I miss my husband, when my daughter is sick
I care...........about the people I love
I always........have a LIST of things that need done and I love it.
I am not…...going to call this lady before friday!!
I believe.........that God has a plan for the birth of this child and I will trust Him for it.
I dance.........well by myself.
I sing..............with all my heart. I love to sing.
I cry................when I am so angry I cannot even say it.
I don’t with my daughter enough.
I fight........with myself and my own selfishness
I write.......on this blog. I used to write a lot.
I never.........want to live in Las Vegas again
I listen.........for my daughter in the night.
I be patient with my husband, my daughter, my self and others.
I am ..........loving feeling this babe move.

5 Things About Me

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What I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Preparing to graduate from high school
2. Researching schools
3. Having fun with the last month of school
4. Working in CVS as a pharm tech
5. Still living at home

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Iron
2. Bake Faux Sourdough bread
3. Sew something!! It's a release for me.
4. Tidy up the house
5. Exercise

5 snacks I enjoy
1. Plain yogurt and honey
2. Celery and Hummus
3. Cheese and Crackers (although I don't enjoy it too much)
4. Popcorn
5. Pickles and olives

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire
1. Tithe 10% to our church
2. Pay off all of our debt (which is just Andrew's school loans)
3. Go on a long vacation, with a babysitter, to a nice far away place
4. Buy a nice sewing table that stored the sewing machiene with lots of drawers
5. Fix the cars up

5 bad habits
1. Anger problem
2. picking my fingers
3. I'm a perfectionist
4. Pushing myself too far - see #3
5. Expecting perfection out of my family - see #3

5 places I've lived
1. South central PA
2. Northwestern OH
3. Northwestern NM
4. Central Pa in the mountains!
5. That wonderful happy place I go in my mind from time to time.....

5 jobs I've had
1. Pharmacy Tech
2. Shift supervisor
3. Jo-Anne worker (cutting fabric, ringing people up, etc....)
4. Graphics Design and Administrative Assistant
And my favorite thus far...
5. Domestic Engineer and Mama.... :)

I don't know who to tag, so I won't tag anyone.

I promise I will be posting a belly pic with the latest ultrasound and if it's a boy or a girl. Things have been so busy. I'll tell ya about that too.