Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things That Go Boom!

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Well as promised a more thorough update....again.

The candidating at the northern church went very well. The travel was beautiful and we again fell in love with the area. It's in the mountains. *sigh* I live in flatlands, but grew up in the mountains. Anyway. We stayed at the home of one of the parishioners, very nice people. Nadia even had her own room! You do not know how nice that is! Or maybe you do! Anyway. Sunday morning dawned bright and clear and just beautiful. The people were very warm and inviting and I felt right at home. Andrew preached passionately and strong. It's one of the things I love about my husband. His sermon was well received. They had a wonderful potluck for us afterwards. Those people know how to cook! If this happens and they have a lot of these things, I'm going to be gaining a lot of my weight back. Ugh. Anyway. The one thing that I wanted to share about this is that my husband and I really want to go to this church. We can see ourselves being a part of this family and loving this family. I want to serve with this church. We really want this. And I was told by more than a few people that they want us there. So we feel pretty good about this.
We are already thinking about moving and those sort of things. I have no idea as to when we will move. Maybe a month? It all depends on my job, really. Andrew can leave at the drop of a hat, I need to leave two weeks notice, but I can't just put in two weeks notice. I need to train someone to take my place. So they have to find someone to take my place, that person needs to put in their two week notice, and then I could train them. I would think it would only take a week to train them, but I could be wrong. My boss said she could finish up anything I didn't get to. I hate to put that on her plate, she's so busy as it is right now. But it will all work out. I'm not concerned. Nevertheless we are constantly looking at our stuff and getting rid of what we don't need or want. I don't want to move with a whole bunch of needless things.
Sara's dress is done! The garters are almost done and I just need to put the little hook on the front of the jacket and make the flower purse for my daughter. I know that sounds like a lot, but these are easy projects, done in an afternoon or evening. I'm not stressing. I'll probably work on some of the garters tonight while we watch a movie. I will show pictures of everything next week after the wedding is over. I don't want to 'give' away the dress yet. I don't feel that's right.
I made my skirt and it turned out wonderfully! I so wanted to do something that was not related to the dress, so I made my skirt and wore it this last Sunday. It's nice. I really like it.
We had a nice visit with my parents last week. It was good to see them. Although I am a bit worried about my dad, he's been getting a lot of headaches and my mother has been having more than is normal forgetfulness. I am concerned about that. It's not the normal forgetfulness.
I've been looking up midwives in the area of the church. I found two! The one is in a practice with a female OB/GYN DO. That is what I have now and I like it. But I really want a midwife. She is 23 miles away. But all the other OB's are MD's and OLD. I would be willing to go with a MD if they were younger, you know, more willing to work with me instead of telling me what to do.
The Lord has impressed upon me to focus more on Him rather than my anger. My anger is something that needs to be fixed, but if I focus on Him, He will do the work in me and know how best to 'fix' it. I struggle with knowing what to do to make it go away and therefore nothing changed. I remain angry and react poorly. I want this changed. I don't like it anymore. But my focus is to be on God and not the anger. To be aware of it is one thing, but to focus solely on it is not the answer. It's like when one is going to speak and is nervous, the more one focuses on being nervous the more nervous that person is. It's a vicious cycle.
We got rain today. We haven't had rain in like three or so weeks. We needed it. If only Texas could send some of that rain our way.
Well it's about time for someone to go to bed, so I will sign off.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Going Good....

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We had the candidating Sunday at the church in the North and it went very very well. We feel very positively about this church and feel that the people want us there. We don't have the job yet. They will have a congregational meeting July 8 and then a council meeting July 10. We should have their decision after that. We are eagerly awaiting their call. I will write more later of how it all went. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thank you for your prayers, they were heard and answered! YAY!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good News Again!

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I'm just all full of good news, which is a welcome change from a few months ago.
We have a candidating Sunday at the northern church on June 24. YAY! This is what we were hoping for. Now we don't have the job yet, but since Andrew already interviewed and did a mini-sermon a few weeks ago, he is already approved by the council. It is probably going to be a congregational vote, but if the council approved him, we are thinking that unless there is something really wrong that comes up, it will pretty much be a rubber stamp. I can't say that for sure, that is our best and most hopeful guess. And as for moving? Well we figure we'll know maybe by the first week in July and then, well we'd have to let our jobs know, I'll have to train someone and we'll have to pack and move. We are insanely thinking a month. Yeah, right, I know. But this is all speculation. We don't have the job yet, but we are one step closer. And being that we are the only candidate at this point, the only one they've had in two years, it could very well be the place God wants us. Continue to pray in this direction. We want to know if He wants us here, we think He does. We are feeling its a fit. But you know how those things can change. Just pray He clearly shows us and we clearly hear it!
Oh and I forgot to mention, I am only 9 lbs away from my lifetime goal. Pray this happens too! I have been trying to get here for years and it would be so nice to reach this. It seems this last couple of pounds have been a little harder to loose, but they are coming off, so I'll keep on keeping on. This makes 31 lbs in all. Yay! I can't wait to make that skirt. That'll be for next time.

Monday, June 04, 2007

A More Thorough Update

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Well I promised a more in depth update once I was up to it. So here goes. Our adventure out east started before we even got in the car.
It was Monday night, I had put one last load in the washing machine, dirty diapers. Ya know, I didn't want to come back to THAT once we got home. Washing diapers takes a long time, want to make sure they are clean, so when at 9:30 they weren't finished, I didn't bat an eye. However, when the washing machine was still running at 10:30 I thought I'd better look. Seemed ok, so I turned it off, opened the door and shut it again. Nothing. Great. Night before we leave and our washing machine is on the fritz. Great, just greaaaaaaaaaaaat. So I take all of the diapers out, ew, rinse them in the tub and hang them there to dry, all the while wondering what they are going to look like after two weeks of hanging there.
The next day I woke up at 5:30 to do some yoga, get things around and get on the road. We got on the road at approx 8am. Which is good for us. The trip, itself went well, with all of us getting a little nutty after about 6 hours. The trip takes 8.
The first meeting was Wednesday evening. It was their prayer meeting and they asked Andrew to give a short devotional. This is the northern church that I was not real keen on at first. Every bone in my body was rebelling at this interview and even driving up there. I thought 'if I am so against this, something must be telling me it's not the one. Why even drive up there? Why go through this? I know I'm not going to like it." We got up there and I found myself liking the area. It is very remote, very rural, but in the mountains and very beautiful. I was trying make myself not like it. I didn't want to fall in love with anything there, because if I did that might mean we were to go there. I am such a child.
Anyway, we got there, killed some time and then met some of the gentlemen of the church. They showed us around the labyrinth of a church that it is. It looks small from the outside, but once you enter the doors there is quite a facility there! I was shocked. And is it beautiful. They still use their bell, regularly! They have deep mahogany wood paneling, real wood! It is a beautiful church. We met some of the people. Warm, big hearted people. Then when the service started I was filled with such joy and excitement, I couldn't believe it. I have never before experienced that level of joy! I smiled like I hadn't smiled in years. I kid you not. Oh I was struggling. I still didn't want to go to this church, I was very resistant to it. But I felt the Lord saying "I want you to be willing to go to this church, even if I don't call you to it." I couldn't be resistant to my Lord, I just couldn't do that. So I relented.
I deeply enjoyed my time in their prayer service. They are a praying people and their prayers touched me deep. I pray that they find the pastor they need, even if it's not us. My heart goes out to them, as I've been in a church before without a pastor. Truly churches like that are sheep without a shepherd. Good folk, but lacking leadership.
The interview followed the service, which went well. I felt open and was very talkative with the people there. It was very relaxed and we even laughed! Not the nervous laughing either. Very comfortable. We can both see ourselves there. We are trying not to get our hopes up.
We saw the parsonage. A lovely home, bigger than ours, with lots of room for more family. Ample yard, room for a garden, a large garden and they even have a clothes line already set up. I like it.
They basically asked us to call with our decision on follow up, as they knew we had an interview with another church later that week. I think I could hear hope fading in his voice as he asked us to call with our decision. I felt sad for him.
Anyway, we both feel positively about this church and are hoping for the best. They have a council meeting to discuss us/this/whatever Tuesday night. We should know by Wednesday of their decision.
Friday was the meeting with the southern church. This church is inner city. Very inner city. Large large church. The biggest I've ever been in. And the position was not a pastoral position, but more of an administrative position. Andrew is called to be a pastor. The interview went very well, we thought, but we both came out of there not feeling a fit with this position. Because of that and because of the subsequent phone call we got from them confirming that, I will not go into the church much more than what I have.

As far as the rest of our trip. Well suffice it to say, I was glad to come home. It was a long trip. We all stayed in the same room. Nadia is not used to us sleeping in a room with her, nor are we used to her sleeping in a room with us. I do not know how we did it for two months here in our house. Grace. That's all I can say. We all did not sleep well. Andrew had a cough that forced him out of the room more than once to sleep on the couch, which would wake up both Nadia and I. One more than one occasion Nadia slept with us. Then on Sunday my in laws had a family reunion of over thirty people in a small three bedroom ranch. It was nuts. But wait, there's more! Most everyone was outside and then it decided to rain. I mean it poured! Like sideways! I kid you not! So everyone was inside, and poor little claustrophobic me was starting to hyperventilate. It was not pretty. I had to leave. I stood outside under the awning. Nadia was not faring well. She wasn't eating, wasn't sleeping and I thought it was because of the people. She was hot, it was hot. But then the next day I took her temp and it was high. Like 104 high. Well Monday was memorial day, we were out of town, so we took her to the ER. She had had a cold two weeks ago, so we were pretty sure of what it was. Fast forward all day in the ER and she had an ear infection. Bingo! She was a gem there though. Poor punkin was just tired. So she rested and slept. I knew she wasn't feeling well when she did that! So we got her prescription and went home. Ever since she started that med she has not had a normal bowel movement. I feel so bad for the poor girl. I wish I could take her pain. I don't wish this on her. But she's almost done with the regimen and the family dr said to keep it up, it's normal, eat yogurt, she'll be ok. And yogurt has been the one thing she's wanted. So that's good.
We got a call from the southern church on Tuesday that another interview was not needed, don't call us, we'll call you (that's why we waited so long, in case they wanted another interview, not to have to travel another 16 hour round trip, do it all in on she-bang.) So Wednesday we cleaned up, packed up, and Thursday came home. YAY! I was never so happy to see our home.
Andrew, my wonderful, talented, able-bodied hubby, was able to fix out washer! It was a rubber band around the motor. And we thought we'd have to buy a new one! YAY! No money out on this repair and all thanks to my wonderful hubby!
I went to my best friends bridal shower at the beach on Saturday. Just her and her girls. It was nice. It was relaxing and I enjoyed myself. I know Sara did too. Now I just gotta get her dress done. Just have to sew the hem, fix a few little diddies here and there and the dress is done. As far as the jacket is concerned, I have to sew the sleeves on then sew the trim on, then it's done. And I want to get the dress either dry cleaned or pressed. She is coming on Saturday for a final fitting.
Speaking of the rest of the month, boy is June packed! I am working this Wednesday because of a conference this weekend that my hubby is attending and that I am taking pics for on Friday. We have a guest for Friday night who is attending the same conference. Sara is stopping by on Saturday for the dress and then I am taking Sara shopping for her wedding present. Figured she would know what she needs more than I do.
Sunday I am in the nursery. Nadia will love that!
Thursday evening is saying goodbye to the big boss. Then that Saturday my parents are coming into town for another conference in town. They aren't staying with us. Then that conference is the following Monday through Wednesday (which my hubby and I are doing pics for) and then my mom is staying with us wed through fri. That weekend is the only weekend we have free for a possible candidating Sunday. Then the last weekend we are helping a friend move. And then July 4 Sara gets married! ECK! Too much, too much too much.
But before you know it, June will be gone, July will be here and then Nadia will be two! Can you believe it!?
My little girl is almost two! I'm so ready for another one. But that's another post.
So there you have it, the whole kit and caboodle.
I can't wait to get this dress done so I can start making some skirts for myself. I found some great sites that I'll share with you next time. I need to get going on this dress so later!