Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good Day.

It was a good day yesterday. We got our taxes done and we are getting a huge tax return. YAY! I can get my packnplay and my pampered chef chopper. YAY! And we just got a huge check in the mail from my OBGYN for a refund of overpayment and so we can pay some other bills. YAY! I will be able to get a bike trailer/stroller with the refund too. I am so happy. I know most of these things are for Nadia, but hey, they are for me too. Think about it. If I'm outside because I want to be, I can put her in her packnplay. And because I'm trying to get this last 10lbs off of baby fat I can go for a walk or bike (my poor bike has been neglected for well over a year now) with her in the back. I am soooo excited about this.
It's cold here again. Sigh. But yesterday was the first day of spring and so that means there is hope that it will come. Does spring come because the calendar says it must? Or do we put a spot on the calendar to remind us that spring will come? I think it's the later.
I'm getting back to pilates tonight. I'm hoping that will help me fit into those jeans I've been missing for well over a year too. I think my hip shape has permentantly changed. Oh well. Small sacrifice for the little wonder who's finding so much facination in plastic links. She's holding them above her head and pulling with all her might. What a cutie.
I've started to 'wear' Nadia more now. She likes it and so do I. What a cool thing. I bought this sling before she was born and have only started to use it recently. It's so nice! I'm going to try to accomplish the back wear. I'll do that when hubby is around.
Oups. Nadia is wanting to eat. Then it's off to the gym.

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