Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My husband says that I am busier than he is. Why would he say that? Just because I am feeding an infant every two hours, clean, cook, hold a part time job, have a sewing business, sew for my family, spend quiet time with God, exercise trying to loose baby weight. Gee, I guess he's right.
There is such a big stink about women in ministry. Women in ministry isn't the stink, it's women pastors, women preachers. Well Paul says that women will prophesy. It's just that women cannot teach men. Prophesying and teaching are two different things. First of all prophesying is speaking the truth of God for past, present and future. That's been a gift to me too. I didn't want to say that. Then teaching is instruction. That's fine. What could I teach men about being men? And what would a man teach me about being a woman? But preaching, which is speaking the truth in all times, is a viable calling to women. YAY! So I'm not off my rocker. Still waiting for my husband to say a loud 'yes'! You are called to preach. I am still waiting for myself to say that. I need to respond to another blog.
My bookbag is done.

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