Saturday, October 02, 2010

10/02/10 ER

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I biked today. 10.12 miles in 60 minutes. I don't know if that's a good time or not. But my body is telling me I abused it. :) That is the longest stretch I've done yet. I had dew collected in big droplets all over me. My toes were frozen and my skin was red from the cold. It feels good to be active. Truly it does.

I'm thinking of doing a triathlon. Just a sprint, but I think I can. I can do the 5K portion and I'm working up to the 10 or 12 mile biking portion. I just need to find a pool I can swim in. I have someone I need to ask, but I think they'd let me. I'd have to train next spring/summer because it's an outdoor pool and well, I can run/bike outside, but swimming? Nah. I have a good friend who wants to join me and my sister in law has done one before and she said she'd join me, so I got a good team started. I. Can't. Wait.

And I've dropped two pounds. Yay me! It's starting to come off again. I hope permanently. I can see a difference in my stomach area. The amount of extra flab is getting smaller. It's good.

I didn't exercise yesterday because family took precedence. That's ok. Nadia was sick. Again. So I took her to the doc. Again. Finally, we have a diagnosis of asthma and allergies. Yuk. She's on a drug soup and didn't throw up this morning! She's back to her bouncy self and I'm happy about that. What I'm not happy about is that she has it. We are supposed to be getting a cat on tuesday and I'm sort of holding my breath. I hope she's not allergic to the cat. I don't think so, because she was congested the whole month of Sept and not around one cat. But that doesn't mean anything. Please pray for us in this.

Tomorrow is my day off. And I'm going to enjoy it!

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TammyIsBlessed said...

A triathlon - woohoo, you go girl!!