Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Oil Cleansing Method

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I don't wear much makeup. In fact, I wear it about once a week. When I go grocery shopping I just put some foundation under my eyes to hide the fact that I'm wasted, but that's about it. Sunday is my big 'going out' day. That's sad. But that's my life right now and that's ok.

Anyway, for the longest time I've been using soap to wash my face and I mean my whole face. Eyes too. It was harsh. My eyes got red and tight and dry! It was not good.

Then someone told me about the Oil Cleansing Method. You can read more about it here. I just want to tell you my experience.

I've only done it twice, but I love it! I already had some jojoba oil in the cabinet, so I used that as my veggie oil. But I needed some castor oil. Of all the things I tried to go into labor with Rhys, castor oil was not one of them. Castor oil is incredibly thick, did you know that? I didn't. Yuck. Makes me want to gag just thinking about drinking that. Anyway.

The first time I did it, I hadn't mixed up my oils in a jar, I just sorta eye balled it on my palm. I think I had too much castor oil. My face was a tad dry. But the second time, and this was sunday night, after a day of full make up, my face felt great! I even used it on my eyes and it was so much gentler. I've noticed that the creases in my nose are smoother. For a long time they weren't. All bumpy with something. But now there aren't as many. My face is soft, supple and dewy. It looks youthful.

Now I'm not going to do it every night. If I'm not using the oil, I just take a hot washcloth, lay it on my face and wipe my face off. Since I don't use make up much, there really isn't a need to wash it. Just sort of rinse it off.

My face feels better. I'm sold. And it's so cheap! Just oil and water! Who woulda thunk it? Oil to cleanse your face. I LOVE it!

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