Friday, October 08, 2010

10.08.10 ER

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Big stinkin bike ride. Oh my goodness I hurt so bad. I hurt worse than when I am running! Maybe I increased my mileage too quickly. I only bike once a week. I went from 6 miles to 10 in one week. Not good. Anyway.

I biked 10.62 miles today, that's almost a .5 mile increase from last week. I traveled on a road I've not been on before and it was nice! The leaves were out in full color, the sun was out and the breeze (which later turned into wind resistance and hurt me even more) was nice. It was a great ride all around and I did well. I can't wait to get out there next week! I'm kinda not looking forward to winter, as I know there will come a time I have to give it up. Poop. But until then, I shall bike!

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TammyIsBlessed said...

I think you need to get a better bike seat!