Wednesday, May 07, 2008

20 Weeks.....And It's A......

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Here I am at 20 weeks. I'm half way!! YAY!! I am loving this pregnancy and I'm feeling good now. I've gotten back into a really good exercise routine that works for me and I feel good doing it. Weight gain has been good, but not over board, yay!! I've been feeling baby move and kick and I love it. In fact, just last night, Andrew felt the baby move for the first time. And not just once, several times!! It was neat to see his excitement. I love this part of pregnancy, when hubby can enjoy the good parts too and not just the yucky parts. Check out my 16 week pic.

So I guess I should tell you, it is a boy!! And I couldn't be more excited!! We got ultrasound pics, but they aren't really good, so I'm going to wait until I have my next one, they couldn't get all the shots they needed, so I need to go in for another one, to put another pic up. You'll get to know the name once this little guy is born.

My mother in law and I went shopping at this huge consignment sale for baby's, kids and maternity clothes. This boy is outfitted until 6 months. I kid you not. And I'm glad for that. Everything is washed too. Now all we need to do is rearrange the basement so that my sewing stuff can go down there and Nadia's stuff can be moved into the sewing room and the baby's room can be in Nadia's room. Catch that? Only one thing, the windows in the sewing/Nadia's room and baby's room need to be replaced. The church is going to do that, but they are custom windows so that means more expensive. Pooh. But I know the church will do it if we ask them to. In fact there are several windows that need replaced, but those two rooms are the most important, if you ask me. I want to get pull down shades for both rooms, that's easier and nicer to put up and down. The quilted coverings I have now just kinda stay up and don't come down. Anyway. More later on non-preggo stuff. Like my garden!!

And for your viewing pleasure....

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Kim said...

Beautiful pic, Kathryn!! And congrats again on your little boy =) Can't wait to hear the name!