Friday, May 23, 2008

My Backyard

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We have a huge backyard and I am so grateful, because, that means we can have a huge garden!! Right now I only have (hah! I say 'I', when really it's Andrew) two plots tilled up. I am planning on three others. There is the main garden with the peas, carrots (which aren't showing up very well, I was used to carrots growing like nuts out in NW Ohio in that boggy soil) onions, spinach and lettuce. I will later plant cukes, cabbages, peppers, squash and zukes there too. Then there is the potato plot with my Yukon Golds in them right now and later, when they get shipped, I will plant my sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes, especially sweet potato fries!!! So good for you! Just remember, when any recipe for fries calls for oil, you can sub the cooking spray. All you really need is something to make the seasoning stick. Here is a 'sweet' recipe for you to try.

Then, when it gets warm enough, I will (there's that I again, when really it's Andrew) will till up two more plots. One for the hoard of tomatoes we will be putting in. We've got Julienne tomatoes (which are these cute mini romas, perfect for snacking on, salads, salsas, or canning), Delicious tomatoes, which are an heirloom variety (word about that, if you plant heirloom or non hybrid tomatoes, let a couple go in your patch and they will plant themselves for the next year, reducing your $$ output and your work). These Delicious are supposed to get at least a pound each, really meaty, great for sandwiches and canning. Then the one tomato company I got my seeds from sent me a hybrid packet for free. I thought, hey, why not? They are called Big Tree, or something like that. They get about 1-2 lbs, pink, meaty tomato, good for canning or sandwiches. We'll see. They have done surprisingly well starting up. The other plot will be for the corn and cantaloupes. You can plant the two together. The loupes grow on the ground, with the vines intertwining the stalks and sheltered from the hot hot sun.

I also am planning an herb garden. I have cilantro, dill and parsley already up. Down the basement I have thyme, lavender, oregano and rosemary (which is not doing well at all). I'll plant basil and chives soon.

So that is my backyard, well really my garden. I love it. And baby is going to stay in here long enough that I can put up most of it. If not, I know of some sweet church ladies that would love to help.

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Chelsea Rae said...

Wow Kathryn! I love your garden! Mine is only itty bitty compared to yours. It is so cool that you can grow cantaloupes! The weather is way too cold up here to grow melons or corn. I can't wait to see the end results!