Friday, May 23, 2008

Here Comes Cutie!!

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My daughter loves wearing any kind of dress. Nightgowns, towels, if it drapes, she loves it and begs to wear it. I made her a flannel nightgown, because I can't stand that polyester junk they make kids clothing out of now. And she loved it. But it's getting warmer, so I took the same pattern, shortened the sleeves, used a cotton fabric and there you go, a nightgown the girl loves. And she really does. You should've seen the smile spread across her face the first time I had it on her. I love sewing for people when they really like what I've done. It makes it all worth it.


Stacy said...

She is cute. I'm finding the same thing about sewing- I love making things for people. One of these days I'll get around to making something else for me.

Shannon said...

How neat that you can make Nadia clothes! Ellie loves dresses too; she's a girly girl. She doesn't have any nightgowns, in fact I don't think I've even seen any toddler gowns for sale... So when are you coming to visit me and teach me how to sew :)

Chelsea Rae said...

Oh she is adorable! I love that she loves to wear dresses, I sure hope Mary is the same way!