Friday, May 23, 2008

22 Weeks

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I feel and look like I am getting so big. Bigger this time than what I was with Nadia. I know it's not fat, I have gained 16 lbs so far. I walk 5 days a week, weed in the garden and run around after a toddler. It's working. I am also really watching what I am eating.
Sometimes it can be hard, though, I am such a good cook. But I know I can take it all off later. I gained 60 with Nadia, lost about 25 right after she was born and then in the next year lost another 15 from nursing. So I figure even if I gain 40 with this one I'll have it all off by his first birthday. Maybe even sooner! I wasn't really watching what I was eating with her, not until she was a year and a half. I have to keep telling myself to not worry about it. A healthy baby is better than gaining the 'right' amount. However, it does help me to eat better, which is good for me and for the baby.
He is doing great, by the way. Very active. Which I love. I can't wait to meet this little guy. But I keep telling him he has to wait.

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Kim said...

Beautiful belly, Kathryn!!! You're so gorgeous!