Friday, May 23, 2008

I Can't Say I Never Win Anything

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Because I have won something! And not like a piece of candy or something. I've won something really pretty.
I won a pair of beautiful earrings from 2BellesandaBead!! I love them!! I have been wearing the same pair of earrings my wonderful hubby got me two years ago from a jewlery store that was going out of business. They are still my fave earrings, because my sweety got them for me (sorry Crystal, I'm sure you understand.) But I will definitely be wearing these new beauties on sunday! And the nice thing was, they are dainty, yet elegant. I like to wear that sort of stuff. They are those curved posts, so they don't smash into my head, oh I don't like that. Here is another pic.

You gotta check these ladies work out. They do a nice job. I will be checking them out more for gifts and such!

And the nice thing? It all comes smartly packaged. You can tell they cater to women! Presentation is everything. I was once told (when I was thinking about being a chef) that presentation was 70% of someone eating a dish. Taste was only 30%. Now I won't be eating these beautiful things, but I was already into them when I pulled out the little silver box with the purple bow on it. I love it!! Thank you Crystal and Karen!

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Crystal said...

I'm glad they arrived safely. Have fun with them! :)