Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please Remove Your Bottom From Your Chair

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And GET UP AND DANCE!!! I come from a non-dancing denomination, but have you seen my husband dance? Have you seen my daughter dance? And this is defintely dance worthy.

Here is the story to recap:
We own a home in our former life/town. It is eating a hole in our pockets. Literally. We are putting so much money in that house right now just to keep it alive. Granted it's just the mortgage and a few utilities. But still. And there is the extravagent insurance we have to have now that it's vacant. $400 for three months. It runs out March 18. We were going to close March 19. Things were not looking good for that to happen anytime soon, they were getting a special loan that required a govt inspector, who never says when or who is coming. Well here is what happened. The inspector did come out. He did approve the house. YAY!! And we found out that we can get a 90% refund on any unused portion of the insurance (we had previously been told that wasn't possible, so basically we thought we'd loose $400 for a days worth of insurance. Yuk.) And we found out that if we sent in our insurance premium and we closed on the house before the new policy needed to kick in we'd get 100% refund. Well monday we got a call from our relator, she is overnighting our deed so we can sign it. They will sign friday, or monday, depending on when we get it back. So we will probably be out from underneath this house by the weekend!! Oh YEAH!!! I am so stoked!!

Another little yay moment, I am now, as of today in the second trimester!! Woohoo!! Morning sickness is just about gone. I have a little bit in the morning and a little bit more in the evenings, but so much more managable. I have my energy back and I've been feeling the baby move for a bit now. I can't believe I've felt it this early!! It's so sweet. It's always in the evening when I'm sitting and usually after I've eaten. I love it. I can't get enough of it. It still shocks me when I feel it.

I am going to be posting my FAVE recipe for 100% whole wheat bread. It is so good. Just don't let it rise too long or the dough will ferment and be a little bity.

Thanks for all your prayers concerning the house. I do appreciate it. I know God hears my bloggy friends when they pray.

And I have been craving chili. I have been dreaming about it. Must be the iron or something. But I found a great recipe from Tammy that I will post after I make it. I hope it's what I've been thinking of. When I am pregnant and get a craving it has to be exactly what I am thinking of or my craving won't go away. But the first bite and the craving is satisfied. I might have to go to the Cozy Corner, if this doesn't do it. Or we'll be eating several types of chili for weeks!!

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Rachel F. said...

Wow! What an answer to prayer. I'm so happy for you guys that you finally get to truly put the past behind you and move forward. I miss you, but you belong where you are now. God is good.