Friday, March 28, 2008

Green Shopping

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I don't really consider myself a 'green' person. I mean, we use Shaklee cleaning products, vinegar as well, cloth diaper, rags to clean, hang laundry, garden, can, among other things. But I feel that to be really considered 'green' one must consider their intentions. We do these things because they are better for our health, and better for the budget. I had a family member, who shall remain nameless, that influenced me in the wrong way about being eco-friendly.
However, in recent years, as one who has studied the creation of the earth from a God who loves His creation and all it's inhabitants, I've changed my tune, in a way. God gave us this earth to take care of, to steward. It is not our own. It is His. Just as our bodies are His creation, so is this earth. Granted, sin took hold and since then things have desperately spiraled out of repair. It is impossible to 'save' the earth 100%. Scripture even says that creation groans with the state of itself. The only person that can 'save' the earth is Jesus Christ Himself. When He comes back in His glory He will make a new heaven and a new earth. However, just like we are waiting for that resurrection body, we are given these bodies, which are fallen, wearing out, to live out our days. We need to take care of them, just like we need to take care of the earth that we dwell in. My philosophy when it comes to things that seem bigger than myself; weight loss, world hunger, world peace, being eco-friendly, is do what you can. So this is what I've done.
I bought 7 canvas bags to shop with. Hee hee. They were a buck a bag and you get a .03 refund for each plastic bag you don't use. I got .21 back!! I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But I have to shop and so every time I save a little on bags, it all adds up. Plus, if your house is like mine, you have an overabundance of plastic bags. We use them for garbage bags, but we still have too much. I'm sick of em. And the canvas bags sit up square, they are stronger, hold a lot more and it is better for the environment. I must confess, though, that's not why I did it. I did it to avoid plastic bags in my house. It seems, though, that a lot of the things we are doing to be convienent, healthy, or cost effective are actually better for the environment. It's kinda neat. So that's my 'thing' that I did today. Yay me.

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