Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fabric Giveaways Part 2

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Okey, it's time for the Woolens Dept to step up to the plate. Just as a disclaimer; I have no idea how much yardage is in each, some I know have maybe 3 yards, some are half a yard, but most are about 1 yard. They did come from my grandmothers stash, they have not been cleaned, that said, grandma didn't smoke or have animals, but she did have a lot of projects she never got around to, so these may have a storage odor. I suggest using the dry cleaning dryer sheets to freshen them up. No need to go to a dry cleaner for this. I do not know for 100% that all of these are 100% wool. They came from the wool box, they feel like wool and are heavy like wool. They might not all be wool. I tried organizing these in sets, but well, you'll see this is what I came up with.

Up for grabs we have the following:

Set 1:
4 different fabric pieces. A green, blue, brown and a tan.

Set 2:
2 different fabric pieces. A grey brown (this is probably the 3 yards or so, there is a lot there.) and a thinner grey piece.

Set 3: A cream with blue and purple stripes, a tan with tan gradients and brown stripes, a darker brown with red and black stripes and lastly a white and blue striped piece with a remnant of the same.

Again, the first come first serve worked well. So just leave a comment on which one you want and I'll send it out. As before all I ask is that you pay for shipping (and if I need to get a box). I am trying to find the cheapest way to send them, so that might be a flat rate box with some of these.

Thanks for your help in getting rid of this stuff that I'll never use. I hope you can use it!!


Naomi said...

I like the first and second sets. Either one is fine... how does this fabric giveaway thing work?


Kathryn said...

naomi, I cannot access your blogger account to contact you. At any rate, if you tag em, their yours. I just need your email addy to get your snail mail address. Thanks!

Naomi said...

oh, darn.. it said my email on the thing... but anyhow it's :)

holly B. said...

I'll take the third set :) My email is

I'll take anything left as well :) thanks!