Friday, March 28, 2008

Fabric Giveaways Part 4

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Alrighty, this is the last of the giveaways. Kind of a mish-mosh of stuff. Here ya go:

Set #1:
These are pillow panels, or I guess they could go on quilts, at any rate, they are panels. One is horses, enough to make two pillows, the next is hunting dogs, enough to make three pillows. Added in with that are yellow roses used for applique.

Set #2:
This is the children's gift stuff. There is a pattern for a boy or girls outfit. My aunt gave this to me, cut out, I have no idea what size. I think it's for the girl, something says a 5? But the fabric right next to it, yes, that's right, the farm theme, is what's cut. Pattern size is 5-6-6X. Also with this set are some fabric books/toys. A Bible book, a Christmas book and a Christmas puppy in a box, all fabric, with instructions on the fabric. I'm sure there are other things you'll need to buy to finish it. Then there are some other misc. fabric peices that are children themed.

Set #3:
This is the true scrap bags. One bag has slippery, liner type fabric pieces, the next bag has moleskin, nicer fabric pieces, and the last one is a hodge-podge of fabric.

Set #4:
This was my well intended, supposed to be, I'm going to do it, cotton braided rug. It didn't happen, well it sort of did, but it ended up more like a bowl. I dunno, that might end up on here too. At any rate, these are cotton strips, that have been hand torn. I have no idea what someone else could use them for. But y'all are crafty, I'm sure there is something you could use them for!!

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