Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fabric Giveaways Part 3

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I've been absent, I'm sorry. Easter just did me in. I've been so busy. Oy. Here you go, the third installment of fabric for YOU!!

Set #1:This set is three cuts of fabric. There is a lot of the tulip and the print fabric. The print fabric is probably poly/cotton it's very slippery. The other two are probably also poly/cotton but more stable.

Set #2:

This set has two light blues, pink, a muslin and a red. They are all solids, some are cottons, some are poly/cottons.

Set #3:
These are all stretchy fabrics, so I have no idea as to the actual fabric content. The green (or perhaps it looks black in the pic) but it's green has this beautiful floral print on it, it's like green on green and it's sort of velvet like. I had so much of it, I made a christmas skirt with it. The light purple and blue are sweatshirt material and the dark purple is just like a cotton stretch.

So there you go. I still have a ton more and will be putting them up this week. I ask that if you tag a set, please put your email addy in the comment so that I can contact you. Thanks a bunch!


sbonetsue said...

I would love set one or two, they look great for Project Linus quilts! (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Kathryn said...

I will send you set one and two. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I would really like set #3, if it is still available.


jennifer at abbistan dot net