Friday, March 28, 2008

14 Weeks

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I did take pics the past couple of weeks, but I just looked nasty in them. Easter really did a number on me. Oy. But this one looks much better. Hubby says that I have popped. I believe so.
I have been feeling the baby move a lot. Mostly down low. Although there was one day he popped me and it shocked me because it was such a big jolt. He likes tomato products. If it is a boy, we've chosen a name that will fit. But we aren't telling. Neener neener. Just kidding.
I am feeling much better, although I do have some days where I don't feel so good, but they are few and far between. Other than that, baby is fine, I am fine and so relaxed with "We don't have to buy anything for this baby!!!" I hope to post every two weeks with pics, it's nice to sort of document my progress. Check out my 11 week pic.


Jessica Morris said...

You look so radiant!

Claire said...

What a gorgeous picture!