Friday, July 17, 2009

Randomly Not Here

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I am here, but not here. That means, I am active, not sick, busily running around, but not blogging lately. So, feeling bad for the small, very small following of followers that I have, I'll blog for you. Isn't it nice to be thought of?

My garden has reached the minimal weedage stage. I love this stage. It seems in the spring I could weed all four gardens and need to do it at the end of that same week. It's ridiculous. Then around this time the weeds sort of give up on trying to take over my garden and only the few tenacious ones refuse to give up the ghost. It's nice. I can sort of take my time on weeding. The only reason I like to weed is the same reason I like to mow...expenditure of calories. If I didn't have just a few pounds to go to my goal weight, I would chuck both and do them a whole lot less. Of course the garden and the yard would look disastrous, so I suppose it's a good thing.

I have been stuck at the same fluctuating 4 pounds for about a month now. Really, since about April. Yuck. I get down, really low to 157, then I sort of wiggle back and forth to 161, much to my dismay. But I am noticing a change in the mirror. I look more toned and I feel stronger, so I know change is happening, even if the scale isn't reflecting that change. I know eventually it has to come off, but I believe it may have something to do with nursing. I wonder if my body is sort of holding onto the last few pounds in favor of nourishing the baby. And that's ok. I am slowly getting more and more comfortable with being at this weight. For some reason, though, I hate seeing 160. I'm much happier at 157, and I know it's only a 3lb difference but it makes all the difference for me in my day. I know that's bad, and I'm working at changing that, but mindsets take time. I would've given anything to weigh 160 when I weighed 280. What am I griping about? Someone slap me. I guess it's the idea of it all. When I'm so close to being 'normal'. 154. That's all. I'd settle, right there. That would be a healthy weight for me, normal on all the charts. Someone pray that for me? Will you? Pray I make it there. Just 4 (right now) more pounds. And I'll stop. I'll be content. But perhaps it's the mind that needs to change. *sigh*

Rhys is pulling himself up on things left and right. Last night he was standing in a dry tub holding on the edge, just so happy about it! He crawls to who he wants to have hold him and he is usually held by more men in our church than women. Which I think is awesome. It's one of the only times I actually see their guard fall and it's sweet. These big, burly, tough men, cooing and playing and blowing raspberries much to the delight of a sweet baby boy. And he enjoys them. Never once have I had a man refuse to hold Rhys. It's adorable. There is something about a man holding a baby.

I got the book about raising spirited children and I also got a book by Dr. Lehman that's much more enjoyable to read. So I read it first. *blush* That's all I'll say. I figure if that is in place and going well, parenting should go much better.

And Rachel, it looks as if I won't be able to get my nose pierced. I'm still nursing and I would squirm like a worm on a hook to lie about it. I guess we can still ask, as I don't have a problem with getting it done while nursing, I just have a problem with lying about it. Of course, those who might do it, might have less than ideal scruples and therefore less than ideal piercing standards. I should probably nix the idea till Rhys is weaned. BUT, I will so go with you to get yours done! Don't let me stop you!

Well the lawn needs mowed and I have calories to burn. *sigh* Somedays I wish I could just eat whatever I wanted and laid around and do nothing. Eat everything and do nothing. Sounds like a vacation! Heck, that'll be our 10th anniversary. And no conception of children, thank you very much. We are done. But that's another post.


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Anonymous said...

I have never had a place ask about my nursing. Both my tattoos and my piercing was done while nursing. The only issue would be health, but if you go to a good clean place, the risk is almost NIL, since they use all new things for each person.
just my .02 though =P