Saturday, July 11, 2009

Emily Post Was Out...

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I need your advice. I am having a couple couples over (yes you read that right) for dinner in a few weeks. These are totally awesome people and one of the ladies, when I invited her and her husband, offered to bring something. I didn't ask, but she offered, so I said, sure, how about dessert. Well, now I'm concerned that if she shows up with something and the others don't, that the others will feel awkward. Should I mention to the others that this other lady is bringing something, and that I don't care if they don't bring something, but if they would like to bring something they may? What would you do?


Stacy said...

I'd mention it to the other people. I actually appreciate being able to bring something when someone invites us over.

Sandy said...

I wouldn't mention it. And I wouldn't worry about it. The other couple might just show up with something, or they might ask in a few days...since the dinner party isn't for a few weeks.
I'd find it awkward to mention it, and just wouldn't worry about it.

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