Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Weight Loss Joys #2

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For the longest time in my life I had cankles. Those ugly, tree-like impostors for ankles. Yuk. I would wear heels in high school to give myself the appearance of ankles. I mean, this was not reserved for pregnancy, no I had them day in and day out. My wonderful best friend felt the need to point this out to me. Nice, thank you. I used to admire other women's ankles, just because they had them. I would think how nice that inner bone sticking out was.

Well now I can admire my own. I finally have ankles. Nice ankles. I have the prominent bone on the outside and even a nice little bone sticking out on the inner ankle. I, finally my friends, have ankles. And for that I am happy. It's small, but it's a step.

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