Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nose Piercing Update

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I've gotten a lot of comments on the nose piercing thing, so I thought I'd make my 'comments' right here.

Yes, Andrew approves. I suppose he sees it as the lesser of two evils. He knows how much I want a tattoo. I've wanted one for years, but this is something he's putting his foot down. That makes him sound bad and really he's not like that. There is very little he just says no to without discussion. So I respect that. And I think because this is totally reverse-able he's for it.

Now I'll only be getting this if I get down to 145, so it could be a while yet, seeing as how I only loose like 2lbs a month now. Grrr. I found a place locally that looks reputable to get it done, so maybe this winter. It would be great if it could coincide with my 30th birthday. Sort of poetic.

Rachel, I'll tell you what, if I get my nose pierced, you get your belly button pierced. If we still lived in the same town, I'd say lets do it together. You know what? We could do it this summer when the commission meets! What do you think? I guess I could fudge a bit on the weight goal, sort of a preemptive reward. (Heck, as if 120+ pounds isn't enough for a celebration, I don't know what is!)

Yes, Sandy send me pics, especially of the ones that aren't as noticeable.

One other question I have, I know while it's healing you can't take it out, do they have piercing studs that aren't as noticeable from the beginning?

Oh and how much did it cost?

Thanks ladies for all the support!


Kim said...

I think mine cost about $70 ... but I'm soooooo not sure :)

You can choose a smaller stud to begin with ... although while it's healing, it's generally a larger one that you can switch out afterward. You can also, in times that you *really* want it to be hidden, change it out for a clear silicon stud that you can't see at all.

Rachel F. said...

OK, if we can find a place and find a time to get away from the family, let's do it! How long will you be staying after the meeting is over? I was hoping Kevin and I (and the boys) could stay over Wednesday so we could see Gettysburg on the way home, so if you're staying till then, maybe we could do it that morning. ;)

Brandy said...

Do it Do it Do it.

I've been thinking about getting mine done.

Do you have a side you'd put it on?

Kim, I've never noticed yours in pictures!! Now I'm going to have to go look.

Sandy, same thing, never noticed it!!


Anonymous said...

I paid 35 dollars for mine. And the stud I wear now is the one I got it pierced with. You can totally have a stud that's not too noticeable at first. And like Kim said, the silicon studs are an option.
I'll dig out some pics and send 'em your way...a few days?
Mine is on my right side.
I'm so excited for you!!

Sarah said...

Y'all are brave. I can't even bring myself to re-pierce the second holes in my ears that closed up years ago...lol. One day maybe I will get brave and do it. I was supposed to do it when Emma got her ears re-pierced when she turned 4yo, but I forgot (lol...truly, I forgot I had told her that until weeks later).