Thursday, July 09, 2009

Little Weight Loss Joys

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I've been changing my mindset about this whole weightloss thing. I've been looking to the last 13lbs that I want to come off. I've been badgering myself, beating myself and just generally down about the whole thing. And ya know what? I've lost 122lbs. That's a lot of weight. I need to re-focus on what I have done. So when I see one, I am going to post little weight loss joys to remind myself that I have come a long way, even if those last 13lbs never come off.

So here is my one for today:

I can wrap a bath towel (and not a bath sheet, just a regular towel) the WHOLE way around my body and it covers everything from pits to thighs. Before I might be able to cover my chest. Now I can cover everything. That's just cool.


Kim said...


Bethany said...

That IS cool!!! *hi-five*

Rachel F. said...

Ah, yes. NSV's are very important! (Non Scale Victories)