Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brutal Honesty

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Nadia gets my mothers knack for honesty.

We were lounging around in the kiddie pool this afternoon, just her and I, having a good time cooling off. She braced herself with her hand on my thigh to get up and noted: "Mama, you're squishy!"
"Yes, yes I am. But you are too, you are squishy on your butt and your cheeks. Everyone is squishy."
"Why are you squishy Mama?"
"It's called fat, Nadia. Everyone has some. Even Papa, even Rhys. Everyone has fat."
"Rhys' butt is squishy, my butt is squishy. I'm a little squishy, but you are A LOT squishy."

Thanks Nadia for that reminder. *sigh*


Outreach said...
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Anonymous said...

that was me earlier. My mistake...I was signed in under my pwoc email LOL
Anyhoo, I was saying, Amanda has the same knack for honesty...she asked me one day what I looked like before I was fat. :S
The same, says me...just less.

Shannon said...

Aren't kids amazing and annoying with their honesty? Your answer was awesome!