Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Milestone...

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When Andrew and I married, we were easily 90lbs different in weight. Him being thinner, much thinner than I. That has changed. Oh yes. I am now thinner than my husband. That's not to say I've lost 90lbs in the past 6 years, no I've lost my fair share, but he's also gained his fair share as well. I've always wanted to weigh less than my husband, don't know, guess it's a woman thing. And it's here, I've finally made it. YAY!!

Even if it is only a half a pound, I still weigh less. Heh heh.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOOOOOO!! Congrats to you! I used to weigh less than Justin..till that stinker joined the military.
There WILL be a day where I am smaller. Oh yes. There will be a day =P

Kim said...

Rock on, Kathryn!!!! I, too, was super excited to weigh less than my hubby :D

PW said...

Good job, and blessings on your weight loss journey...we're all in there with ya.