Sunday, June 21, 2009


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We planted Beets this year as we love pickled eggs and beets. I learned, however, that you can eat the tops and we have been. I've been putting them in out salads. Just the young, tender pickings, when I am thinning out the row. But the big leaves are too big and too tough for salads, so I'm wondering if I can get your help. I know the South eats greens and so I'm sure they have to have wonderful recipes for that. I don't know how many Southern Belle's I have reading this blog, but if you wouldn't mind sharing your recipe with me, I'd be so obliged.

I've got to do something with these greens and I sure don't want to throw them out (that would just go against my frugal nature.) So share away and I'll post the resulting plate of food. Thanks!


Kim said...

I'm not a southern belle, but I do love me some greens! Any recipe that calls for Swiss Chard or Kale you can substitute the beet tops for. My favourite greens recipe is also the easiest. Chop up the greens into strips. Toss with equal parts olive oil and vinegar (use your favourite kind - white, red wine, apple cider) and bake them until crispy, turning once.

DELICIOUS! Tastes like french fries when you add a tiny bit of salt!

Shannon said...

I'm a southern gal but I have no idea. I've never even heard of someone eating them ;)

Erin said...

I'm a Southern Gal but I dont like greens...they gag me, except for the greens at Baptist Medical Center in LR (where we were in the NICU). I'm not sure if it was post partum/breastfeeding mama starving or if they were really that good, but I ate every bite and prayed we'd have greens the next day too!

My grandma would steam them until wilted, add some ham, bacon, and/or bacon grease. Usually a little bit of red pepper flakes is good too, I think the ones I had had those because they had just a little zip.

Dad always eats his greens with "pepper sauce" which was pretty much jalapeno peppers canned in vinegar.