Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Been a while....again

I know I don't blog much on here. Life is just insane at the moment. Coming up on Nadia's first birthday and suddenly we have an influx of people!!!!! Andrew's parents, my parents, Nadia's Godmother (my best friend) and her boyfriend, whom we've never met. We are going up for a church dedication in MI next weekend and last weekend was IMPACT. Crazy crazy crazy. And it's been so hot, I'm so wasted. This lovely Jerusalem diet is working!!!! I've lost at least 6 pounds on it. Slowly but surely. And a momentus occassion (I cannot spell worth a lick!) I've finally decided to go back to my old bras. YAY! Now I realize that may not be as stupendous as you think, but for me it is. I've been in nursing bras for over a year and while very utilitarian, not so fun. I gained weight over the pregnancy and lost it and now those are too big. So I'm going back. Now I'm still nursing, but I found a way to make em work. And she's not nursing quite as much, and only from the one side, so it's not as much of a problem. If I know I"ll be in a situation where I need to nurse in public I'll wear a nursing bra, otherwise, it's the pretty ones!!! YAY!!!
Still no public word on churches. Oh there is stuff going on, but I don't want to get all happy about it, so mum is the word for now.
Just wanted to say hi.

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