Saturday, July 08, 2006

Doofus Mama

I was in the process of making sweet potatoes for my daughter and had it on the stove lightly boiling away (or so I thought). I was in the study doing some surfing when I *sniff sniff* what's that smell?? Bolt!!! IT'S THE SWEET POTATOES!!! Money is low as it is now and so I felt so bad that I might have ruined a perfectly good sweet potato that we could have used for food for her. But I was able to salvage most of the potatoes. Except for the portions that are indelibly adhered to the bottom of the pan, surrounded by black goo that I'm sure I'll leave on there way too long and forget to work on it and then at which point, working on it will be a work out and so I won't have to go to the gym for that day. My luck, I'll be working on it while the baby decides to do her screeching practice for the day. Ugh. Life aint so bad.
If there are any guys who read this blog, please skip this next part. It's a feminine care peg.
Have you ladies tried the Diva? I LOVE THIS THING!! It's the first day of my you know what and I am trying this menstrual cup. Yeah, it's a little pricey, but you basically have no need for any other menstrual care products for at least 10 years. Think of it, nothing in the trashcans, no smell. And if you put it in right, no leaking. It saves you money, saves you time. And it's actually cleaner to deal with than the other stuff. I really like it. I can't even tell I have my cycle. I think hubby has just about had it with all of my "hey honey, can I tell you about this???....." Poor thing.
Well I'm going to make sure I haven't burnt the remnants of my sweet potatoes, they weren't quite soft enough yet, so, yes, I put them back into another pot. I'll try not to do it again.
Have a quiet restful evening.

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