Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fruit Gut, Colds, Busy and other assundry items

I should've left well enough alone. I was only mildly hungry. Very tiniest amount, barely noticable, probably not going to whither away to nothing, hungry. So I ate an apple (goes against my rule of nothing after 7, at the latest 8 at night). Now I'm even hungrier!!! It's fruit gut. I should've eaten hummus with celery. Much better snack. Now I'm going to barter with myself on this stupid issue! GRRRR. The small canister of sunflower seeds is staring me in the face. I can't let them go bad, can I?
My cold is still here. Not quite as bad. Day two. I slept pretty well last night. In fact I laid my head on the pillow at 10.30 and woke up at 6.15. Yeah, no getting up to potty, no baby waking, no hubby snoring and no nose blowing! It was the best night of sleep I think I've had since before I was pregnant! That's a long time. I think it was the tea. I'm drinking another cup tonight. I'll let ya know.
I've gotten my father's order for gunsleeves done. Got to mail it out tomorrow. He's leaving with a load on monday. Taking the guns. He needs em. Andrew made supper tonight. It was great!!! Spanish potatoes and a salad. I'll have to post some of my recipes on here. They come from Miserly Meals. Great food. Frugally done. That's my cup of tea!
Ok, so I ate a handful of seeds. yay. I am undone! Woe is me!! I am a woman of uncontrol! (is that even a word? Sounds like pantihose gone bad.)
Anyway, hope y'all (I'm not even from the south, I'm as Yank as they get!) have a great evening and an even better nights sleep!

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