Monday, August 21, 2006

Who Are You?

Awright, I know people are reading this blog, I just don't know who. No one ever comments!! I would love to know who is reading this blog. Just curious, no other reason.

I was up at 5 this morning. Baby woke me up. Then she wanted to stay up. Sunday nights are like that. Sunday's are different from other days and so she's a little different too. No prob. I have a cold and my brain is turned to mush. Andrew stayed home in the afternoon so that I could meet some deadlines for work. Need to finish Gem, work on article, and need to finish my father's gunsleeves for wednesday. Two down, two to go for his order, then four more for his friend.

Car went to the dr today. Turns out that knocking noise was just an oil change. Cool. Guess that's something we cannot compromise on. I guess I thought we could drag that out a little bit. Not if we don't want the car to freeze up.

Ya know how I was just whining and complaining about not being able to get a haircut? Well I prayed and the Lord provided. It's funny because any money that I was thinking would come in that I could use for a haircut I would eventually think "I should really just use that for ....." And a haircut would never come in the picture. Haircuts for long haired women just aren't a necessity. It's definitely a want. But I prayed. More like spiritual whining. And surprisingly (why am I surprised?) I got my want! Today in the mail I recieved a gift certificate to JCPenney styling salon!!!!! It's kinda neat, I can only use it for that spot. Nothing else. So you know what I did? I booked it to the phone and made an appt with my favorite stylist. I stopped seeing her when things started to get tight. What a treat! And she had an opening saturday afternoon! Of all times! Just when I can go! YAY! I thank my dear friend Rachel for this gift. And it truely is. I think she reads this, or either I whined too much in her presence. Or maybe my hair really looks that bad! Never thought of that. Oh well. Thanks so much!!

I talked to my friend about accompanying me to PA for the pending funeral of my great aunt. She's thinking about it. It all depends on when it is. I know if she didn't have any other things to hold her down, she'd go. But, like life, there are things we cannot compromise on. I respect that. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Well my body aches, so I am going to soak it in the tub. Got a cup of Country Peach Passion Tea sitting right here beside me (which has chamomile and vitamin c in it, both things I need right now!) and I am going to relax with a good book. I love it.



Shannon said...

Hi Kathryn! I guess I'm one of those who reads this and doesn't comment :)

I'm glad you were able to get a haircut; God really does care about us!

I'm still praying for that position for your hubby. I hope you get some good news soon.

Rachel said...

OK, I admit it. I read your blog. :) I enjoy it and I really think you have a gift for putting things into words. And I'm glad the Lord was able to use me to be a blessing to you in a small way.