Friday, February 13, 2009

To The Dr and Home Again....

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Rhys' cough was just getting worse, sorta barky, but not quite. We were worried. So we made an appt for him and since we were going in we made one for Nadia. Boy am I glad we did. Rhys has an ear infection, which explains why he would scream when I tried to lay him on his one side to nurse. Nadia, on the other hand, has a double ear infection and her lungs are making sounds to the tune of snap-crackle-pop. Not good. Not yet pneumonia, but we need to monitor her for it. Rhys' lungs are fine. Thank God. So we trekked off to Wally-world for the infamous pink stuff for the kids and some choice nose meds for me. Since I'm nursing there isn't much else I can do. I don't know what's wrong with me, it's not acting like a typical cold. I've got pretty good body aches and am just wiped out. My appetite is nil. I'm making myself eat. I mean, me, making myself eat. No I'm not pregnant. I already checked.
I put together a nice medicinal chicken soup. Potatoes, barley, garlic, onions, all of which are supposed to help with recuperation. We'll see. At the very least Nadia loves the broth and will eat it.
I shudder to tell you how nasty my house looks. After the stomach flu last week in myself and Nadia, traveling out of state and spending a day and a half in a influenza riddled state and then colds this week, my house has suffered. Hey something has to get put aside. I have only enough energy for few things. I figure they need to be necessities. I'll get to the house eventually. When everyone is better. Baby care, toddler care, hubby care, clean clothes, clean dishes, nourishing food and at least a workable kitchen are my priorities. That's enough. After all that I just ain't got much left. I think leftovers are in order for tomorrow and sunday. Hey, we have enough. And what's wrong with pancakes and eggs for supper? If they are whole wheat, what's the harm in that?

Pray for us.


Rachel F. said...

I'm definitely praying for you. It sounds miserable. I'm so sorry that both your kids are sick and you too. It actually sounds like you might have the flu--it's more of a respiratory illness with the body aches. You take care and don't worry so much about the house. You can take care of it when you feel better.

Bethany said...

You poor thing. I hope you are all back to 100% soon. Sounds like you need lots and lots of ((((hugs))))).