Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

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I nearly forgot today was valentines day. I forgot a card. I forgot a nice fancy meal. I forgot a gift. That's not totally true. He got most of those things over the past two weeks here and there. But ya know, valentines day is a celebration of love, is it not? And is love buying someone off? Or is love about the commitment and sacrifices that one makes on behalf of someone else? Unfortunately one of my 'love languages' is gifts, but I've seen gifts on a whole different level these past two weeks.

My husband loved me this past two weeks by:
  • taking care of my sick bucket
  • bringing the baby to me to nurse in bed and putting him back to bed
  • listening to me whine
  • sitting beside me while I lost my cookies
  • calling the blues on call nurse about taking my meds on a sick stomach
  • helping me clean up in the kitchen
  • being content with leftovers
  • overlooking the house
  • holding Rhys when I needed a break
  • covering me up when I'd passed out on the couch
  • keeping Nadia quiet while I was passed out on the couch
  • getting the baby first after he'd woke up
  • changing more diapers than he needs to
  • coming with me to the dr's
I know it may seem small or kooky, but these things mean more to me than a card, or a box of chocolates (honestly if Andrew got me a box of chocolates I'd be a little disappointed. Like he hadn't heard me trying to loose weight for the past 4 months.) These things truly show his love to me. I am grateful again for the love and commitment of my husband. He is my Valentines Day gift. I love you honey.

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