Thursday, February 05, 2009

Maybe It Wasn't The Cheerios...

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Between the two kiddies I was up a significant portion of the night. One was normal, the other was not. Poor kid. She seems on the mend now. I have her perched on the couch with some saltines. She's been able to keep down the ice chips for a few hours now. We are supposed to leave tomorrow for the funeral, we'll see. If she does ok today I think we'll go. Andrew has stayed well throughout all of it, so far. I pray he does. He's somewhat worse than the kids when he's sick. I would think he would've been next, having dealt with all my 'junk'. And since he's the one I kiss. Pray for us. I mean it's not earth shattering, but I hate to see my daughter so sick.

On a very good note, my size 12 jeans fit now! Goodbye 14's!

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