Monday, January 05, 2009

My New Toy

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You might all remember when my buttonholer function went caput on my Brother sewing machine. I had a vest I was making for Andrew, that I had been trying to get done for two years, between moving and getting pregnant, it just didn't get done. Well before Rhys was born, like September I was frantically trying to get it done. It was almost done, except the buttonholes and the sides, which get hand sewn. Wouldn't ya know it, the dern thing decides it's not going to sew those buttonholes. GRRRR. Nice time for a strike. So, I demoted it. Andrew got me a new sewing machine for our anniversary. YAY!! He got me a Janome DC3050. How cool is that? Not only does it do buttonholes, but it does three! It will also take me into the beginners world of quilting and do quite nicely for that seamstress thing I'm thinking about doing later in life. It has a nice nice warranty on it. I'm stoked. I'm already thinking up several projects. First will be a vest for Rhys for his dedication made from Andrew, my dads and Andrew's dad. Then a dress for Nadia's birthday, another vest for Andrew's birthday and then a quilt made from Rhys' receiving blankets for his birthday. I can't wait.

Meanwhile, my hubby got his bow refitted, some arrows and a target. I have my own Elf in the house. You know, Lord Of The Rings elf, not like Keebler, cookie baking elf. Although I wouldn't mind someone other than me making cookies every once in a while. I digress. As soon as he strings his bow I'll post a pic of him on here. I'm excited he's found a sport to enjoy. This will give him an outlet and some enjoyable exercise. We all need that.

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Stacy said...

My aunt has one of those that she likes. Nice choice!
My dad is way into hunting and archery- he makes his own bows now. Its a neat hobby.