Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas 2008 Remembered

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Christmas this year was good. It was a 'lounge' day and we didn't go anywhere. I don't even think we went outside the house. We got up, opened presents and Andrew requested pancakes so I made pancakes for breakfast. Rhys decided that day was going to be a nap day, so he napped pretty much the whole day, so that means I got to nap too. The next day we were visited by my in-laws since we didn't go down for Christmas. So it was really nice. Not traveling is so nice. Especially with two kids.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment.
I got a new bible to take to church. It's hard to hold my old one, it's so big. So Andrew got me a small one. I so enjoy reading along now. And I got a nice new pair of slippers. My old ones were wore out.

It was a good relaxing Christmas. I can't think of one like it before. Maybe we'll start a new tradition in our house. Eh, I'm not holding my breath.


Shannon said...

Your children are so beautiful. How do you get Nadia to smile for the camera?

We decided last year we weren't leaving the house on Christmas Day. Family is welcome to come to ours, but we needed to stay home as a family. We may even make the same decision about Christmas Eve, except for church. Running around so much is hard on all of us, especially Ellie.

Donna said...

One of the best decisions we ever stay home on Christmas Day. Anyone is welcome to come around dinner time, but we go NOWHERE. We do "Christmas" with the rest of the family on different days.