Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Fell.....

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....off the face of the earth for a week and you know what? It was nice. No email, no phone calls. Just me, the kids and my in laws at their house with minimal housework. I didn't even work out !gasp!, but that was nice too. I had a great time and the kids did great, even on the trip down. Andrew joined us later that week for Thanksgiving and then Nadia stayed on at her grandparents for a few extra days while the rest of us went home. That was nice too. While on vacation I went clothes shopping and got some great clothes that look really nice on me. I actually don't look that bad now that I have something that fits. I even bought a new pair of shoes. And I found dress pants that look nice on me too! It was a very good shopping trip.

However, even though I fell of the face of the earth, the rest of the earth continued to turn. 50 some emails (what hubby didn't check), laundry hampers overflowing, dirt dust and woodchips all over the place from the window replacement, lots of drs appts to go to, and mother hubbards cupboards are bare. Oh there's food in the house, but we lack some things to make complete meals, kwim? Like fresh veggies and such. But it's a good time to use up the stuff around the house. I hate to take Rhys out again in the morning, he's had and will have more things to go to. Looks like I'll have to go in the evening.

I put off dusting and vacuuming before I left because I knew the windows would be put in and that would've been a lost cause. I'm glad I did! It is so nasty! Oh I'm sure to the untrained eye (men) it looks fine, but to me it's a sty! I've been slowly going through and doing a thorough job of dusting with Murphy's Oil Soap and washing each window, purging it from the smeary handprints of someone I don't know. When I'm all done with that I'll vacuum every crevice. The room's I've done look great. The room's I haven't, well, lets just say I haven't done them yet.

We are just about out of bread, so that is rising on the stove.
Christmas cards need done and sent out. And that's an ordeal. Letter to write, print and stuff. Pictures to cut and stuff. And then envelopes labeled and posted.
Christmas shopping is done. I can say that YAY!
And our christmas tree is at least up and decorated. Nadia loves to decorate for Christmas, so that motivated us to get it done. She's constantly asking what more she can decorate.
Laundry is slowly getting done.
Rhys had shots yesterday. He's been sleeping alot. Which is helping me get things done, incidentally.
And I was able to run last night. Ugh, it was not a pretty sight.

The windows, on the other hand, look great. The house is warmer, I can tell a difference already. Especially Nadia's room. Throughout the house there are very little drafts, if any. That was the problem before, it was very drafty. So the thermostat might have said 68, but there were cold pockets. Now it's comfortable. I'm glad for that.

Things are good, albeit busy. I'm sure that's going to be that way for a while, at least till after Christmas.

And on one other very good note, I feel normal. Like back to myself normal. I feel good and able to handle things. I'm glad for that. And I found a family Dr in our town that will be able to do all my 'things', you know female, PPD and stuff like that. So I won't have to travel 30 mins for an appt, just 5. Nice. And it's a lady dr, who happens to be a nun. I didn't know nuns could be anything but nuns. But I'm glad for that, I'll be able to talk turkey and she won't shy away from it. Anyway.

Gotta go. Bread to bake. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back! Was starting to get worried. LOL
Hubby's leave was awesome over here...and I'm pregnant!!

Shannon said...

You sound happier :) I'm glad you're feeling good. Good thing the windows are in before it gets any colder!

Bethany said...

Yay for new windows!! It sounds like you are in great shape for Christmas - decor up and shopping done! Wow!

Rachel F. said...

I'm glad you're back, safe and sound, and doing well. Sit back and enjoy your Christmas (and your new windows)!