Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Grandma Evy

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An update on my grandmother. She is being transferred to a nursing home to 'finish out the process' as my Aunt puts it. Only change is that she is able to lift her right arm and was able to feel my Uncle touching it. The right side is paralyzed.

Please pray for me as Rhys is having an off day. I don't know what's up. He's not sick. I don't think it's teething. He just doesn't want to eat and doesn't want to sleep. Maybe it is teeth. But it seems a bit early for that. Although his father started teething at 3 months. So like father like son? I don't do well when the kids don't nap. It does something to my OCD mind. I just can't handle it.


Bethany said...

I'm so sorry. :( (((Hugs)))

Joan said...

Katherine, I hope baby boy settled down for you. And I hope tomorrow is a better day! Your in my thoughts!