Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grandma Evy update and Sickies

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My Grandmother has made marked improvement. She is taking her meals in the dining room, sitting up, able to hold a cup and even using her right arm. She is doing really well, actually, surprising us all. Thank you for your prayers. The bleeds in her brain have stopped, so that is really good. I hope I've gained some of those hardy genes she has in her.

Nadia is sick with a really bad cold. She wakes up in the morning nauseous and wanting to throw up. Phlegm draining down into her belly and the fact that she's not eating much. I've gotten her to drink three cups of broth this morning, which is great. I think she's feeling better, now if I can just get her to eat! I'm trying to keep the baby away from her, but Andrew's already taken yesterday off to help. Thank God he doesn't have a sermon this Sunday, it's the Children's Christmas program. He is starting to feel a tad congested, I'm hoping it's just sinus. Right now she's perched on the couch with a cup of broth watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Video's are the only way I can get her to rest. Otherwise she's running around.

My brother-in-law is coming up for a few days and we were going to go down to visit. But with all the sickies around here, I don't know if I want to go. We'd all (yes, that's all of us, baby, mama, papa and sister) would be sleeping in the same room. Oy. And we're not talking a big room either. I don't want to go. But this is the brother we don't see much. We saw him two years ago. This stinks.

Somehow I am getting housework done. I don't know how. Especially when Rhys didn't sleep well yesterday for naps. I've figured out that Tuesdays are his bad day. Mondays were Nadia's, Tuesdays are Rhys'. Sunday just messed them up. Oh well. He's still napping now. Maybe I can get some laundry folded. I think I'll skip the run tonight. I don't know, maybe I'll need it!

I hope the rest of you are staying healthy!


Rachel F. said...

So sorry you have the sickies. We've had them too. Jessie has had several colds in a row, then I finally caught one and have the lovely coughing fits that come with it. Now Micah's nose is running today. Ugh.

Hope you all feel better soon and so glad to hear your Grandma is doing so much better.

Shannon said...

Do you remember that chocolate cookie recipe you posted last Christmas? I wanted to make those but couldn't find the post...