Saturday, May 30, 2009

With Just 13 lbs to go...

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...I thought I'd post what I'm going to do when I loose the rest of it.

I'm going on a shopping spree!! I asked hubby and he said sure! Now, guess where I am going?

To Good Will!! I love our Good Will. Every other weekend they have a 50% off EVERYTHING in the store sale. Oh yeah! I'm taking $50 and buying as much as I want for a new wardrobe on one of those weekends. I am so stoked!

So that is my reward. Maybe it's not to someone else, but I can't wait!

Oh and I get to do it sans kids. Woohoo!! Now I really want to get it off!

1 comment:

simplydelicioso said...

You go cruchy momma! The Goodwill rocks! Especially when no baby's on your hip, no squealing in the cart, no hide n seek in the racks and no pouting in the corner asking "can we leave now". -Well at least that's what my store runs often look like :) Enjoy