Friday, May 08, 2009

My New Toy

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I've got another toy. I guess you could say mother's day came a bit early for me. That's ok. I realize that most of my 'toys' are working items. I like that though and actually would rather have it that way. I really can't think of other things I'd like to have. I'm not really a jewlery girl and I like shoes, but I don't go out much so what's that point? And my hair is so natural I don't get it dyed or permed, so if I am wanting something it's probably got to do with the house.

Anyway. I've been making my family's bread for years now, using the countertop (which is grouted tile, which is really hard to clean and is basically stained now from doing so) or the table (that's really low and Nadia gets into the flour) so I requested a bread board. I knew what I wanted. Something big enough to roll out bread to form, heavy enough not to move and thick enough not to warp. I ended up getting this.
It actually has two working sides. The other side has markings for pie, tart and quiche crusts. It has ruler measurements along the sides. It's nice, but I really don't need that for bread, so I just use the plain side. That way it stays cleaner longer. I really like it. It has lips on both ends, which both keep the board from shifting and keep the flour from moving off the board. The only problem is, it's really big. It does not fit in any of our cupboards, so it is stored hanging off the edge of our fridge. It's out of the way, though, so I'm not going to complain. It is pretty heavy, but I figure if I'm throwing bread around I can lift that up a couple of times a week. It does work well and I'm enjoying not having to scrape up bits of dough from the counter. Thank you hubby!

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Shannon said...

Ooh, I love it! It's beautiful. Do you not want to just keep it out on your counter?