Friday, May 08, 2009

Short No-Poo Update

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I've read people saying that when they no-poo it is a constant discovery process of your scalp and hair. No kidding. I thought my regimen a month or so ago would be it for the rest of my life. Not so. I've also read of people only 'washing' their hair like once or twice a week. Ew, I thought, they must not work out. Well, again, I am wrong.

Currently my hair stays nice, I mean, non-oily, bouncy, shiny and soft for at least 3 days between washings. Now I do rinse my hair and massage my scalp on the in between days, because I do exercise and sweat most days of the week. But I just let that air dry and it looks great. Before I was washing every other day, but when my hair didn't look that bad and I didn't feel like washing it I decided to let it go an extra day and it looks wonderful! I'm also using about half the amount of baking soda I was using before and about twice as much apple cider vinegar. My hair was too dry (too much bs) and too frizzy (not enough acv). That has solved the problem. I really don't need to use much oil, now, just on the ends. I'm still sold and love that there are less bottles in the shower. Less to buy, less to spend, less time in the shower. I'm sold.

I do add just a bit of lavender to my oil, that's my 'treat'. Heh heh. Every mama has to have something!


Rachel F. said...

I've no-pooed twice now and it seems to be working for me. Maybe I need to use a little more acv since my hair is still on the fuzzy side. And doesn't the lavender make you smell pretty instead of like a salad? :)

Kim said...

Nice!! I'm glad it's working for you! I really need to do an update on my blog, don't I??