Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Suggestions Please...

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Rhys slept 9 hours last night. Ah, this mama is loving sleep! But I think we are in need of a new mattress. Hubby has been saying something for some time, I just chalked my sleepiness up to getting up 3 times a night. But since having had two nights of more sleep and still waking up feeling like I've been drug under a truck, I'm thinking he's right. So what mattress do you have and do you like it? Or what do you recommend? I welcome your suggestions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... you guys like a hard or soft mattress?
We have a several year old mattress as well, I think it's about 6 years old.
We got a memory foam pad for it. Ours is 4 inches thick, we got it at walmart, and I can't remember what we paid for sure, I want to say 80-100 dollars.
HEAVEN. It's just wonderful. A much less expensive alternative to a whole new mattress and is quite nice.