Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm A Woman....

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I can't make up my mind. I tried no-pooing tonight. I worked out this afternoon and needed to wash my hair, but I knew I'd be working out tomorrow morning. I don't like washing my hair so close together, seems a bit abusive. So I thought, well using baking soda and then ACV once won't do any damage. So I tried it. So far, so good. I used some Burts Bees baby oil for the ends and I used too much I think, but my roots feel good. We'll see what they look like tomorrow. Perhaps I will use this regimen just every once in a while, when I need a different cleansing. My hair does feel bouncier. Which is nice.

I didn't use much ACV and I still smell like a salad. Which makes me want one. Ummm, salad.

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Rachel F. said...

Did you dilute the ACV in water first? I've also heard that adding a drop or two of essential oil will help with the "salad" smell. :) I still haven't had the courage to go no-poo yet. But I will eventually!