Sunday, March 29, 2009

No-Poo Challenge Day 5 and 6

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We have guests so that's why the double up update on the no-poo.

Saturday I did the washing routine and let it air dry again. I used jojoba oil on the ends and it was beautiful!! It is soft and full of body, bouncy, shiny and just wonderful. I was so feeling good with it that I decided to not use shampoo and conditioner for Sunday. It looked great. I rinsed my hair this afternoon and it could use some jojoba oil on the ends, but all in all it's great. I'm sold. It's no longer a challenge. It's a commitment now. I've put my shampoo and conditioner away, hubby will use it and the baking soda and ACV have become a staple in my bathroom cabinet. That's it. I've just become crunchier, but not just to become crunchier per say, but rather this works better!! YAY! And it's cheaper! Just up my alley.

Let me know if you take the challenge. I encourage you to.

Oh and I did find a honey rinse, but haven't used it yet. Basically, if I'm following this well, put a tsp in a large cup, fill with warm water and pour it over your hair. I can't remember if you rinse it out or not. I'll have to look that up too. But that sounds pretty easy. I'll have to let you know about that when I use it.

Check out an up and coming post about bread making from raw grain to loaf. I can't wait!! I truly look forward to making bread now. I like shriek in happiness to have to make another loaf. Hope you enjoy!

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Rachel F. said...

OK, you've got me convinced to try going no-poo. I'm headed out to Apple A Day tomorrow for some EO. My only concern is that I usually use hair spray to keep the front of my hair in place. I'm not sure I can go without it and I'm wondering if the baking soda will wash out the buildup of spray. We'll see! :) I've enjoyed your day-by-day account of the experiment.