Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Messy Room

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I have a room in my house that is a stye. It is my sewing room. I am embarrassed to show it all over the www. But, be that as it may, you benefit from the veiwing of this room. You see, this room is going to become Nadia's room and Nadia's current room will become the baby's room. So that means that my sewing room will be delegated to the basement. Bummer. Oh, I knew it would happen, I enjoyed it while I had it and maybe it will work out better this way, I dunno. But you should see our basement!! That's another post for another time.
Anyway, my grandmother died two weeks ago. A few months before she passed away I inherited all her sewing stash. There is a lot of good fabric in there. A lot that I know I will use and a lot I know I won't use, not that it's bad, I just won't use it. So today, a day when I felt like doing little more than laying on the couch, I plopped myself in the midst of this mess and sorted through my sewing stash. Man, I've got so much. Here is what I am going to do. I made some preliminary piles of the fabric and patterns I want to give away. And what I want you to do is tell your other bloggy friends who sew. I want all of this to be gone, but I don't want to throw it away, that would be just wrong. I won't post the pictures of what I am specifically giving away just yet, I still need to sort more. But keep checking.
Here's a short list of what I am giving away:
  • Patterns
  • Cotton/Cotton blend fabrics
  • Woolens
  • Moleskins
  • Cotton strips for a braided rug
  • A skirt that was cut, but didn't make it to the sewing machine and now it's too big for me (pattern included)
  • Large scraps
Not all of the fabrics are scraps from sewing projects. Some are uncut. Most of the woolens are uncut and some have a lot of fabric there. I still don't know how I will sort it out, but I'll figure that out later.

Here are a few pictures of the stuff I'm giving away:

So keep checking back and I'll post the 'lots' later, maybe in a few weeks. Give me some time, I feel horrible. Oh, I am going to say that I do ask that whoever gets whatever, that they pay shipping. Other than that, it's free.

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Chelsea Rae said...

Oh no... She is a court room drama/mystery author. The book was actually about a dead infant that was found. I wouldn't recommend it, I'm not normally into those kind of books but I'm desperate for a book these days!

I too wish there was another author like Beverly Lewis... or that she would write a book every week!