Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Did I mention we are putting in a garden? It's one of the other ways we are saving money. And I am saving seeds from the plants so that I don't have to buy them next year. I am excited, although this is a new garden plot, so I'm a bit apprehensive if it will do well. We went a little overboard this year. Heh heh. Here's what we are going to plant:
Bush Beans
Sweet Corn
Juliet Tomatoes
Pickle Cucumbers
Slicing Cucumbers
Baby Romaine Lettuce
Mesclun Lettuce
Bell Peppers
JalapeƱo Peppers
Regular Tomatoes
Summer squash
Sugar Snap Peas
Sweet Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Did we go a little overboard? Maybe, but I can't wait until it comes in and I can eat it!! Especially this year with being pregnant, I can eat fresh fruits and veggies to my hearts content and it's just what my body and my baby needs! I'm stoked.

Now, what, I ask, does a homemaker do with 15 frozen bananas? Why, she makes three loaves of banana bread!!

Yes, I know, there is only two loaves there, that's because the one is just about gone. The tripled recipe called for 1.5C of oil. I used 1C of applesauce and .5c of oil. That way it has some good fats in it. I am eating so very little that I am looking for high calorie. But didn't want to go all the way on it. Plus it's a good way to get my fruit in.

And I am so excited about this!! When I was pregnant with Nadia my dear Andrew got me a body pillow early on. I remember why now, I just can't get comfortable without it. I need some sort of cushion underneath my top leg. And it's not even the belly, I barely have one yet. So we've started using it again. Well we only have one cover for it. And since I hang all our laundry downstairs I kinda needed a new one. Since I have made pillowcases for Nadia's mini pillow that I made her, I refused to buy an expensive pillowcase. They run about $13. Well I took myself and my daughter to Goodwill, found a pretty queen size flat sheet for .99. I was able to make two pillowcases out of it and they look pretty darn good. Hubby is happy and I can change over the cases every week!
Ok, now that I have totally bored you to death, I'll let you go. That's why I put all the pictures in. In hopes that you'd read the whole way down, if not to just look at the pictures. Heh heh.

Have a good evening!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Good luck with all of that gardening. Our garden is shrinking this year because there is no way I can plant it all at 26-28 weeks pregnant and with a pelvic separation. :(

An encouragement on the first year of working virgin ground...our first year we had several things that came up well. And several things that didn't come up at all. Every year, it gets a little better. This is our fourth gardening season in this house, so I anticipate lots of whatever we decide to plant!


Anonymous said...

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